Friday, 10 August 2007

Paul & Joe Moisturising Compact Foundation

I received a sample of Paul & Joe's upcoming new Moisturising Compact Foundation (5250yen, 6 shades) in #30 today and tried it out immediately. The color match was surprisingly not too bad although it had looked too yellow and dark for my MAC NC20 skintone. It is a cream compact foundation that is more suitable for dry skin or use during the fall/winter. I was quite impressed with the pretty packaging of the sample which is adorned with the P&J flower print!

I have incredibly oily skin so I wasn't expecting this to work miracles for me but it had a more matte finish than the new Light Cream Foundation N (which comes in a glass bottle) and better coverage. It took quite a bit of work and a fair bit of dusting with loose powder to make it look somewhat natural. It did cover the redness in my cheeks but I still needed a separate concealer for my dark circles. It didn't feel sticky or heavy which is a plus. I wore it for about 3.5 hours this evening (bear in mind, it's very hot and humid in Tokyo right now) and by the end of the evening, I had quite a bit of shine in my T-zone. All in all, this didn't work too well for me as I can get a more natural finish and better oil control with the powder foundations that I've been using (Esprique and Revue) with much less effort involved in applying and blending but then again, this was meant for dry complexions.

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the Muse said...

Cute sample, pretty nice packaging for a sample!

This is very interesting because I've wanted to try this!

I do have a bit of patchy dry skin but I'm also oily a bit. This probably won't do for my skin!

;) thanks for the review!