Saturday, 4 August 2007

New Canmake Collections has a new Canmake collection listed for 23 September:

1. Essence In Cream Foundation SPF 1 PA++ (3 shades, 1050yen)

2. Bright Up Base SPF 15 PA++: makeup base with pink pearl (945yen)

And another one on 25 October:

1. Eye Nuance #18 Girly Night (609yen)
2. Loose Cheek #6 Mauve Pink and #7 Cinnamon Sugar (819yen)
3. Perfect Black Eyeliner - felt type (525yen)
4. Deep & Lasting Eyeliner - liquid eyeliner (735yen)
5. Gloss Fit Nail - nude nailpolishes (609yen)
6. Super Curl Base Hardener (609yen)
7. Super Gloss Coat (609yen)

Some pics of the current limited edition collection out in stores now.

1 comment:

the Muse said...

Squeal! Love it!

Gorgeous stuff!

Canmake makes such darling little makeup bits!