Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Kiss Moist Base & Pure Bloom Cheeks

Cosme.net has listed a new Kiss release on 23 September that will include a new Moist Base UV Nuance Color (1680yen) in 3 shades and Pure Bloom Cheeks (1470yen) in 4 shades. My guess is that these will replace the Nuance Milky Base UV and Dual Fairy Blush. The Moist Base is a moisturising makeup base for dry skin types and has SPF 20 and PA++. Pure Bloom Cheeks is a two-toned blush powder with fine shimmer in a gold case with a heart logo embossed on the surface of the blush powder. It contains chamomile extract for moisturising and like the current Dual Fairy Blush, it comes with a brush. But there's a price increase compared to the Dual Fairy Blush which is 1260yen and the Nuance Milky Base UV is 1470yen. If they improve the cheap plastic packaging of Dual Fairy Blush, I guess that's not too bad.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

=O A new blush series! Sounds like must-haves for me!
I won't try the new moist base though.. My skin reacted on the old version which btw felt quite greasy and heavy to me...it made a nice base though but I am afraid the new one could mess up my skin, too. I'll stick with FancL's Milky Base for now =D