Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Musings on Makeup Stashes

Every once in awhile, someone on Makeupalley will make a post musing about the ridiculously large size of the makeup collections of other members, like this thread below. I also often see similar snarky comments on Cozycot, for example in response to other members who post photos of their personal collections or makeup hauls.

My buddy Makeuphor had just told me about some of the awful comments that she had been receiving in response to her video blogs about her stash. Unfortunately, it seems that some people feel that the anonymity of the Internet is a license to be rude and judgemental about other people's passions and hobbies. What I hate most are the crude questions that many like to ask about one's occupation or means of funding such a lavish hobby. Most irritating are the ones that start, by going, 'Oh, I'm being really nosey but what do you do for a living?" If you know that's a nosey question, why ask it? Is it really any of our business how someone else likes to spend her money? We makeup addicts post photos of our collections because we've spent a lot of time and effort building them up and are proud of our collections, not to mention it's great fun sharing makeup tips and new discoveries with other fellow addicts.

Everyone has different spending habits and vices. As long as our makeup collections are not driving us into debt, why should we be made to feel guilty about having a large stash? Most of my fellow makeup buddies are working professionals who have every right in the world to pamper themselves with their own hard-earned money. We're not relying on sugar daddies, prostitution or taking out a second mortgage to buy ourselves the latest lipstick. Yes, makeup is trivial and frivolous in the larger scheme of things. But it can work wonders for improving one's appearance, self-esteem and confidence. Like any other hobby, it's something that people have fun with and get passionate about. Are there better, more worthwhile ways of spending our money? Probably, but that's a value judgement that's up to the individual person to make. If looking at big makeup stashes and hauls makes you feel physically ill, then you're seriously probably better off staying away from Makeupalley!

My makeup stash is worth easily more than $10,000 and I have enough to last me the next 5 years without buying anything else. But so what? That's still less than what an average Singaporean would spend on a car in a year. What my colleagues spend on one parking fine is enough for me to buy a dozen Gransenbon blushes! I don't smoke, drink, go clubbing/pubbing, buy $5 cups of coffee or drive. I also don't buy lottery, gamble or have maids (that great indispensable luxury for many Singaporean households) to pick up after me. I also don't buy designer bags (except for LeSportsac Tokidoki but that's hardly in the league of Louis Vuitton or Prada), shoes, watches and jewellery which, by the way, I think is the biggest scam ever visited on womenkind! But if that's your thing, then good for you.

I've enjoyed working on this blog tremendously and deeply appreciate all the positive feedback that I've received. Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to leave comments! I'll try to keep it up even after I leave Japan although it'll be a bit more difficult not being able to see all the new collections in person.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, to each her own on how she wants to spend her hard earned money. I like to share pics of my haul (MU or otherwise) cos I am so happy with them and I want to share my happiness but to others, it is "showing-off". I guess you just cannot get away from naysayers or people with green eyes. If they can't deal with it, just go away. I also strongly believe in the policy of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it". I hope that you can keep up your blog even after you move. :)

Taryn said...

It's about the same thing for me - I don't drink, smoke, buy jewelry, purses or splurge on shoes and clothing (except for the one pair of Lucky jeans I bought recently). The only other thing I buy in large quantities are books and magazines. So big deal if I buy some makeup. If I was in a bad position financially, of course I wouldn't be spending my money on cosmetics. But for now, I can afford to buy some, and I do.

So many people bug me. I worked with someone just like the one you mentioned - always sticking her nose in where it didn't belong. And did many people like her? No, they didn't. As long as other more important needs are being taken care of (retirement, family, charity, etc.), then I refuse to be a cheap old miser and hoard my money.

OK, rant over!

Anonymous said...

I was JUST thinking about this today and was planning to write a blog entry on it too. :)

To be honest, some collections are overwhelming to me but as you prolly already know, mine isn't exactly a tiny stash either, LOL!

Your reasons are sound - I absolutely agree with them. We make our money through honest means and we don't steal or prostitute ourselves. We don't have vices; neither do we indulge in other luxuries, so who's to say we're choosing the 'wrong ' type of indulgence/hobby? A love for makeup may not not be typical but there is nothing wrong with it, if we're not in debt because of it.

Sure, we could put the money to better use but that would be the same for people who choose to spend their money on other luxuries.

Revel in the beauty of your makeup and enjoy it to the fullest, Iris! You deserve to, for all the makeup joy you bring. :)

PS: I love the comparison with parking tickets, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like Tokidoki too! Am not into luxury bags either. I only have two Tokidokis though. Am hoping to see the Tutti and Transporto prints soon. I'll probably get Transporto because I know my boys would love the print. :D Which ones do you have?

I look forward to your Japanese brand reviews but do review non-Japanese ones too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on that it is a personal justification on where we spend our own money. If they feel the same passion and have the same hobbie as us, then they'd be more amazed on the collection, instead of the money we spend on it.

Happiness is money cannot buy, so if spending a little of what we make to make us happy, why not?

p.s. do you have a buddy who shares the same interest as you that lives in Asia? Maybe she can help you update on the collections while you are not there? I'd hate to see you stop updating the blog - I read it every single day! No, make that I check it every other hour. =)

Anonymous said...

Very well put! I totally agree with you. Some ppl choose to spend their money on going clubbing, some ppl enjoy expensive sports etc. Makeup is a hobby just like any other.

the Muse said...

Hey girlie!

Thanks for the great post! I always find comfort in my fellow cosmetic junkies :)

Your post really made me feel better Iris! And I agree totally! Some of those posts on MUA are just so hurtful in regards to having 200 lipsticks and how it's all left untouched which is just not the case because damn if I don't use every bit of my items on a different style of face each day!

Your blog always brightens my day and a devour every word you write here and appreciate it all the info you give to us about upcoming brands that we aren't privy too living in other countries!

I, too, put alot of work into my blog and it's all worth while for those people that adore cosmetics as much as I do!

And heck for those of the people that think we are wasting money they should realize that we aren't knocking on their doors asking for them to pay our bills so why are they worried about how many glosses, blushes, or shadows of eye shadows we have ;)

Hugs my dear friend! Well done on this post! It's truly a comfort!

Rabbit said...

Hey Haru,
I totally agree with you. Everyone should be able to spent his money as wanted without having to be judged. I mean, if you buy things that make you happy and you aren't hurting anyone, what's the problem?
Some ppl just have too big mouths and too little respect. :/
Hugs! =D

Anonymous said...

Amen to all that!:-) Mostly I just think it's jealous people posting the snarky comments. Hope you do keep up the blog after leaving Japan-it's a must-read for me!

Kathi said...

Of course I totally agree with you, too! I hate when I have to justify the size of my makeup stash to other people who spend the same amount on their own hobbies.
As you said, it's our hobby and as long as we can afford it why should we stop collecting if it makes us happy?
Like you, I really don't spend a lot of money on other things than makeup for myself. Rest of it usually is spent on my kids, the car and other monthly necessities (like groceries etc.)

I really loved reading this blog entry!

Keep up the great work on your blog, I keep checking it at least 1000 times daily LOL

*big hugs*

PS When we went shopping together was the only time in my life I could really share my passion for cosmetics shopping with someone else IRL! I really hope we can repeat that any time soon! =D

Anonymous said...

my colleagues always make awful remarks about the amount of makeup i own, but, i never once allow them to dampen my spirit!i love my make up collection, especially the japanese makeup you spent effort,time and energy on helping me to CP.

This blog totally rock! look foward to your updates whenever you can.=)


Haru said...

Kathi, we need to plan a shopping trip to Tokyo together!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say I feel the same way as you. There's this friend of mine who's pretty much into makeup as well, but she doesn't buy that much. When I showed her pics of my makeup collection, she would go, wow you are very rich, and she went around telling people that my makeup are like display sets cos I can't use them frequently as there are so many of them.


Anonymous said...

i just think these people are plain jealous! i love you blog iris! like fleckenschnitte, i check it out more than than i check my emails and i simply love drooling over your stash! keep yr blog going!

Postpet2 said...

I fully and totally agree with you.
Money is oneself, we spend it the way we like it. No need to explain to anyone else. We post on the net is to share with people who share the common interest. If anyone's not in this league, they can jolly well get lost and shut up.

Side note: You are going to the states right? Hey, keep this blog going! I would love to read about any new launches of American major brands and drugstore brands. I spent quite a bit of drugstore items on my trip the last 2 years

I totally love reading your blog. I actually access it everyday to see new postings.

Have a good and safe trip to America yah.

mymankant said...

Nice post, Iris -

There are ways to make everyone's life, hobbies or even everyday activities seem trivial (in the big big scheme of things, couldn't we choose to see tidying the house as a waste of time?) - everyone spends time in their life differently and I know of no way to objectively value or put any moral worth to any of it. We all get to choose the value of how we spend our time ourselved.

I do enjoy makeup - but my big love is reading. I suppose someone could argue that I am just going to die one day - and all the knowledge in my head will die with me - what a waste of time reading is.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading ur blog,its very informative..
i love makeup and i collect fake eyelashes hehe..i havent find anyone who have the same hobby yet..haha..pls keep ur blog!

Kathi said...

oh yea, definitely!=D
OMG I think when we go shopping together again the Japanese cosmetics industry will have a really golden day LOL

Haru said...

Hey Mag, I have the original Tokidoki print (the 1st one released) in Luna and Stellina, Citta Rosa print in Zucca and Campeggio, Amore in Buon Vaggio and Paradiso in Ciao Ciao :-)

Thanks for all the comments, ladies! There will always be people who have nothing better to do but pass judgement on others. It's pathetic, really. But I'm glad to have all of you to share my passion for makeup with!

Anonymous said...

Ssshortcake, i have the same experience as u. I thought i share my happiness w/1 of my colleague who is aso into makeup yesterday when i received the CP items. She said vy nice but her last comments was " do u need to buy so many e/s? ".and the best part was when i collected my parcel from recept, the gal said quite loudly that "u buy alot of makeups from japan hor".That's my biz nt hers, she is just a security guard, that's all. Moreover i am in sales line, the more i shd be presentable.i enjoy collecting makeups than buying branded bags.Everyone has their rights to choose their own hobbies and have no rite to question how the person maintain her hobbies thru wat means...


Anonymous said...

Your Tokidoki sounds varied! How nice to have a few of the different styles. I only have the original in BV and Amore in Gioco.

You have Amore in BV! Aaah! - it was a toss up between the BV and the Gioco for me (and I would love the BV now, hee!) but I chose the latter for a change. At first, it was a little annoying getting the bag to work - it doesnt have a flat bottom and the straps don't exactly flatter my plump arms :P BUT, it's grown on me since and I've been using it for the past few weeks! :D

Haru said...

That reminds me, the security guard in my apartment block also remarked to me,'Oh you send a lot of packages to your friends?' Felt like telling him it was none of his business!

I haven't bought Gioco because the prints are less clearly visible on Gioco compared to other styles. I usually go for the larger bags where you can see the complete print :-)

Anonymous said...

I feel that Amore works with Gioco because of the colour and the lack of the black mesh. I do maintain though, that the mesh picks up and matches the black on Adios! ;)

I'm sure you must be quite a sight, loaded with the packages but I imagine that you're always stylish nonetheless, with your Stila or LSS CP tote. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm angry to read about those nasty things that they've said. Well its really none of their business how we like to spend our money, be it on clothes or shoes or bags, so what if we love buying cosmetics, we're using our money not theirs.
Sometimes I try to keep a low profile cos I really don't like anyone to come telling me all the crap...
To all cosmetics lovers out there, don't let these nasty people dampen our spirit!
Iris keep blogging, love all your updates and reviews!


the Muse said...

I've gotten comments from postal workers asking what is in the packages from Japan. I've very meek so I answered kindly that was cosmetics. I got a snarky reply from one saying "OH WHAT DO YOU RESALE THEM OR SOMETHING?"

For one thing all my cosmetics are sincerely cherished. I take amazingly good care of all my items.

Secondly I'm not going to go through all the trouble of obtaining these items to resale them.

and Thirdly even if I was what business is it of a stranger???

I use to send my friends in London lovely little bubble bars that I found in a little shop on the internet that didn't ship internationally. So it was a perfect gift for my best mate who has everything.

I wrapped them up and brought them to the PO to ship out. The Postal girl turns to me and asked what smelled so good, so again I blushed and explained what was in the package...would you believe she said to me.."well next time you come in bring one for me"

Um ya ok I'll be sure to do that!


I'm just too nice sometimes and never know how to reply to really bold questions from people :(

People are just downright rude with little to no manners!

Haru said...

Goodness, some people just have no class and shame!

Anonymous said...

U rock girl !!! I guess we have every single right to spend our hard money on things that make us happy, than what's the point of earn and have those $$$

I did argue with some of my friends, i told them is just the same idea they are willing to spend on their car, the difference is just i am not so much into car, then they all see what is in my head ;p


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, you may not remember me as we have only met once outside Marriot when you came back to Singapore quite some time back. This is the first time I got linked to your blog from CC and I love your reviews! As someone who works hard for my own money, I agree with spending it in whichever way which please us most! Heh. Do keep your reviews coming :)