Friday, 31 August 2007

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation

Jill Stuart's new Moist Silk Liquid Foundation will debut on 14 September in Japan. According to the JS website, it has a "Soft Volumey Formula" for a velvety semi-matte finish that also provides good natural coverage of pores. The micro silk chiffon powder help to create a soft focus effect and the ingredients do include oil for deep moisturising benefits so this is meant more for dry skintypes or use in autumn/winter. It also contains a "pure crystal powder" and has a "crystal floral bouquet" aroma plus SPF18 and PA++. It retails for 4200yen and is available in 5 shades.


Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting; btw, how easy is it to score foundation samples at cosmetic counters in Tokyo??? Can you just ask? Or do you have to purchase something first?

Haru said...

You can always try asking without purchasing. Most Japanese SAs are kind enough to give out samples but some may also reply that they don't have any.

Taryn said...

Hey Haru,

Have you ever heard good things about ordering from I found this site today and they sell Jill Stuart (albeit more expensive, but it's nice if you're really lemming something) and ship to the US.

When I need something, I'm thinking of placing a small order to see how their service is.

Haru said...

I haven't seen any reviews about using the website but it's definitely worth considering if one is desperate enough!