Saturday, 11 August 2007

Love Clover website update

The Love Clover website has been updated with the new Marshmallow Fit Base UV N (1890yen) in #5808 Choco and #5809 Natural Ochre. #5808 Choco is good for covering pores and has a mattifying texture whereas #5809 Natural Ochre is foor for covering pores and acne scares and has a moisturising texture. Both contain moisturising ingredients such as marine collagen, Vitamin C and lavender extract in an oil-free, unfragranced formula that is also targetted at skin with acne scars.


Rabbit said...

Hey Iris,
have you tried these? I'm tempted, but you know, if I can read your opinion it would be easier to decide.
Thanks and hugs! =D

PD: I'm really enjoying the things of your CP, thank you! ^-^

Anonymous said...

wow, these look really cute! :) PS:thanks so much for the CP!

Mich aka stilafaux :)

Haru said...

I've only swatched them in the store and both felt quite alright. The chocolate color is not too dark that it will look very artificial. The coverage is more on the sheer side.