Thursday, 9 August 2007

K-Palette Exotic Safari

K-Palette's fall collection theme is Exotic Safari featuring a palette of glamorous golds, tans and mysterious black. The new eyeshadow quads include three gradational shades and a highlight colour that has "flash pearl" for extra sparkle. Release date is 7 September in Japan. K-Palette is made by the same company that owns Gransenbon.

1. Star Tears Mascara #8 Venus Gold and #9 Jupiter Brown (1470yen)
2. Crystal Powder #7 Mystic Glitter (1785yen)
3. Nail On #60 Persia Gold, #61 Copper and #62 Night Queen (945yen)
4. Star Tears Eyeliner #8 Venus Gold and #9 Jupiter Brown (1470yen)
5. Shiny Star Eyes palettes #1 Rose Star, #2 Safari Star and #3 Ash Star (1680yen)
6. Top & Base Coat #2 (945yen)


the Muse said...

Oooo I love K-Palette Glitter Mascaras!

Squeal! These all look greal!

Anonymous said...

thats probably one of the worst things of leaving jpn, no longer able to see and feel the latest collections in real!

Kathi said...

2 of the e/s palettes look quite pretty. I wonder how their texture is, though!

Anonymous said...

i also have the same question as flecks. i am new to k-palette stuff and wonder how is the quality of their items.