Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Lavshuca & Kate Spring 2008

Lavshuca's spring 2008 will debut in Japan on 1 February. The new star product is Rouge Essence Spa lipstick which is intensely hydrating with good colour payoff. It contains deep moisturising ingredients such as macademia nut oil and silk extract. It comes in an innovative metal swivel tube: one twist will push up just enough product for one application and when you're done applying, just twist in the opposite direction to retract the lipstick into the case. Lavshuca is also launching a new eyeshadow palette series that features beige and brown shades being paired up with various bright shades. I'm not a big fan of beige and brown eyeshadows in general but I'm interested to see what the other palettes in the series look like.

1. Rouge Essence Spa in 10 shades: new moisturising lipstick series
2. Noble On Colour Eyes in 5 variations: eyeshadow trios featuring brown and beige shades matched with a brigher shade
3. Jewel Lips (mini lipstick) in 2 new shades
4. Grade Color Select in 1 new shade
5. Powder Foundation N in 5 shades: new powder foundation that provides excellent coverage of pores and a silky, natural finish. Contains pearl essence and silk extracts for moisturising benefits.
6. Skin Filter Base in 1 shade: Foundation primer

Kate's spring collection will also be launched on 1 February. This time round, Kate has chosen to revamp the Line Spicy eyeshadow quads. The new palettes feature color combinations that are quite different from the original Line Spicy series. This spring will also mark the 10th year anniversary of Kate, which has emerged over the years as the top-selling brand in the "self-help" segment of the Japanese drugstore market. Fans of Kate's Powder Gel Eyeliner and Glam Trick Eyes will be delighted to know that Kate is adding new shades to these products. The Powder Gel Eyeliner has sold over 1.2 million units in the mere 8 months since it debuted in February 2007. Kate is also introducing a volumising version of its Magical Gel Mascara. The original lengthening version has sold over 330,000 units since its launch in August 2007.

1. Line Spicy N in 5 shades (1680yen)
2. Magical Volume Gel Mascara (1575yen) in 1 shade
3. Square Cut Eyeliner in 5 shades (997yen)
4. Powder Gel Liner in 3 new shades (1575yen)
5. Gradical Eyes S in 1 new shade (1470yen)
6. Glam Trick Eyes in 1 new shade (1680yen)


Kathi said...

Ohh, the Lavshuca lipstick looks gorgeous! I also like the idea of beige/brown with a contrasting bright color (I love doing beige with bright blue liner e.g.) The Kate Line Spicy N palettes don't attract me though...they somehow remind me of 70ies wallpapers LOL

Anonymous said...

I like the new Kate Line Spicy shades! Nice! The new Lavshuca palette looks rather interesting too!

Anonymous said...

is that the lavshuca noble palette in the corner of the pic?
the kate spicy looks pretty!!
lavshuca jewel mini l/s sucks!
kate sq eyeliner looks interesting, wonder if it will be easy to use? haha!!
all in all, spring line to look forward to!

Haru said...

Yup, that's the Lavshuca Noble palette!