Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Coffret D'Or Base Makeup

Coffret D'Or will be launching its base makeup range on 1 March. The new foundations contain a "Pure Proof Powder" that reportedly helps to provide good coverage of skin flaws with a natural, translucent finish. Prismal Blush looks like yet another knock-off of YSL's Touche Blush while the loose powder packaging is very similar to Revue.

1. Beauty Lasting Pact UV powder foundation in 7 shades
2. Beauty Lasting Liquid UV foundation in 7 shades
3. Beauty Lasting Veil UV (primer)
4. Make Up Concealer in 2 shades
5. Make Up Powder
6. Prismal Blush in 4 shades

Coffret D'Or will be replacing Revue, which has been my staple brand for powder foundations for the past couple of years. Although the quality level is unlikely to change much, the classic gold packaging of Coffret D'Or doesn't appeal to me as much as Revue which had a more youthful, fresh pink theme. Coffret D'Or looks like it's for more mature ladies rather than the models in their early 20s featured in the advertising campaign. That's just my pet peeve about these so-called 'mega beauty brands' like Maquillage and Coffret D'or. They just lack a sense of playful fun and innovation that is, for me, what the appeal of makeup is all about.


Grayburn said...

Love this one as well (might be interested in seeing my post for it). Which one of the different looks do you particularly like?

Haru said...

If I had to pick one, it would be Nakatani Miki (using the purple palette) but all the Coffret D'or looks are a bit too understated and muted for me. I prefer the looks done on Rinka for Aube as she looks fresher and more lively.