Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Spring '08 Collections

I picked up the new February '08 issue of Voce today and it came with the usual deluxe pull-out catalogue of the Spring '08 makeup collections. It is a gorgeous supplement that covers 43 brands in total. Here are some of the highlights:

Jill Stuart: The good news is that all items are permanent except for the three nail polishes.

Visee: In addition to two new Jewel Crush Eyes palettes, Visee will be introducing Metallic Loose Powder (1890yen) in 5 shades, 3 new shades of Metallic Gloss Rouge lipgloss, a new volumising fibre-based mascara called Lash Glamour Shape (2100yen) in 2 shades plus 5 new shades of Glamorous Nail polish. The collection will be launched on 16 January.

Integrate: Integrate is introducing a new water-based liquid eyeshadow, Primalise Eyes (1680yen), 3 new shades of its ever-popular Glamorous Rouge (1260yen) and 3 new shades of nail polish. Release date is 21 February.

Integrate Gracy: New Liquid Rouge lipgloss (997yen) in 10 shades and 10 new shades of nail polish (367yen).

Giorgio Armani: 5 new shades of Maestro Eyeshadow (3990yen), a peach-toned Fluid Blush #18 (5250yen, limited edition), Armani Silk Lipstick #67 (3885yen, LE), Lip Shimmer #49 (3675yen) and Fluid Shine Nail Polish #33 (3150yen). Due out on 2 January.

Kate: Check out the the new Powder Gel Liners in GD1, SV1 and BK3! GD1 and SV1 look very brightly metallic while BK3 is supposed to have multi-coloured shimmer. Next to the gel liners are swatches of the new Square Cut Eyeliners.

Lavshuca: I'm still not feeling any love for these Noble On Colour Eyes (1575yen).

RMK: Impressionism-inspired Shiney Mix Eyes (3360yen) and Shiney Mix Cheeks (3150yen). Release date is 1 February and the items are limited edition, available until August 2008.

Paul & Joe

Majolica Majorca: Looks like another collection that I can safely skip.

Maquillage: Perhaps inspired by the success of Kate's Powder Gel Liner, Maquillage is introducing Dramatical Gel Liner in 5 shades which will retail for 2625yen, which is more than double the price of Kate's version.

Ipsa: Yet another candy colored pastel collection from Ipsa, due out on 11 January.

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