Saturday, 15 December 2007

Majolica Majorca Spring '08

These pics of Majolica Majorca's spring collection were posted on 2Channel.

1. Lash Enamel Glamour Neo, 1260yen: contains "Volume Up Powder" and a glossy oil for an even more dramatic volumising effect
2. Majolook (Trick On): PK740, BR742 and GR741 (1575yen)
3. Honey Pump Gloss (Screw): PK320, BE221, OR122 (609yen)

Majolook GR741 and the three Honey Pump Glosses are limited edition while the rest are permanent. Each Majolook (Trick On) contains a highlight shade, a nuance shade, a liner shade and a "Trick On powder" with gloss pearl. These actually remind me of Kiss Eye Prism Gradation. It's a good thing that MM has done away with the cream eyeliners as those were never any good.


Kathi said...

I am a bit disappointed with the palettes..but they probably will look much prettier IRL...and finally a green palette!! Thanks for posting!
Oh, but the mascara is the Lash Enamel Glamour Neo? Or is there another new Lash Expander version? =D

Haru said...

Oops! Thanks for spotting the typo! MM has released many green single eyeshadows so I guess there wasn't much need for a green palette. The new palettes don't look that exciting to me too but maybe they'll turn out nicer in real life.