Saturday, 29 December 2007

Jill Stuart "Seductive Eyes" collection

Jill Stuart's spring collection, "Seductive Eyes", is up on the official website. The model is wearing Seductive Eyes #1 Seductive Doll, Eyeliner Pencil #1 Charcoal Black, Extra Curl Mascara Waterproof #1 Pure Black, Mix Compact Blush #6 Fresh Apricot, Lip Lustre #19 Pure Cherry, Lip Gloss #18 Pink and Nail Lacquer #44 Aurora Shine.

The application instructions for Seductive Eyes is different from Brilliant Eyes. For Seductive Eyes, the second shade from the left is the base shade that should be applied first while the first shade from the left can be used last by patting it on top for added glimmer and sparkle.


Anonymous said...

Hey I just returned from Japan recently and bought tonnes of cosmetics! Spent Christmas at Tokyo's Disney Land! Its the second time for me there but the first time to visit Japan during winter... the last time I went was the Sakura blooming season!
Anyways I just wanna tell u how much I LOVE UR BLOG!!! Gave me lots of advice on what to get and what not...
I was on a pretty tight budget because I'm still a student (just graduated from Junior College and have no job yet) and although my mum was the one who started teaching me makeup since I was young, she still doesnt think I should be as obsessed as I am now because I am still not earning a cent... lucky thing is she has always been a loyal supporter of Jap brands because she says its more customised to us Asians... Anyways I just wanna share with u the GREAT GREAT GREAT joy I had from my haul because of ur GREAT GREAT GREAT advices!!! LOVE U!!!

Haru said...

That's lovely to hear! I'm glad you had such a good time and that the blog was helpful to you :-) It took me quite some time to get into the world of Japanese cosmetics but once I got into them, I was totally hooked! They have so many excellent brands both in the drugstores and in the department stores, many of which are available only in Japan.

Have fun playing with all your haul! :-)

Anonymous said...

I totally fell in love with Jill Stuart products because of ur blog and I'm really hoping HoPiNg HOPING that they will be available in Singapore soon! But there are so many brands that aren't available in Singapore and even though Kanebo, Kose and Sheseido can be found here, they don't have Visee, Lavshuca, Coffret D'or or Majolica Majorca... haix... and I love the Aube eye shadows that I bought (also because of ur excellent advices! =D) so I am actually regretting not saving enough for the trip... I total up my expenditure for cosmetics alone and its about 750 sing dollars! No wonder my mum was pissed... LOL! But I'm glad I managed to get a little of everything... =D
If Jill Stuart comes to Singapore, I'll start a fan club! HAHA