Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Lunasol Spring '08

More pics of Lunasol's Spring'08 collection. For now, the only item that I'm considering getting is Sheer Contrast Eyes #2 Lavender Coral :-)

Sheer Contrast Eyes: #1 Coral Coral, #2 Lavender Coral, #3 Blue Coral, #4 Green Coral, #5 Orange Coral

Contrasting Cheeks N #10 Coral Orange and #11 Coral Pink


Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Sheer Contrast Eyes #2 has the most unique color combination. The other color combinations are very similar to what has been released in th past.

Kathi said...

I have to agree...those palettes don't look like new color combinations...only the purple one is attracting me!

watercoloursky said...

after seeing pictures of the lavendar coral and blue coral palette i'm really lemming these! but they're priced at 5000 yen aren't they? that seems a bit expensive, is it because the shadows are better quality than brands like maquillage / t'estimo? i'm trying to decide if i really need these ...:)