Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Lavshuca & Kate Spring '08

Pics of Lavshuca and Kate's upcoming collections for spring 2008! The Lavshuca Noble On Color Eyes look somewhat washed out in the pics but perhaps they are more attractive in real life. Kate's Line Spicy series has always been one of Kate's better palette series by Kate, second probably only to Glam Trick Eyes so the new revamped Line Spicy N is definitely worth checking out.

Noble On Color Eyes: PK1, OR1, BR1, GN1, BU1

Grade Color Select GY1

Rouge Essence Bar PK1
Click here to see the other shades in the range.

Jewel Lips mini lipstick RD4 and OR2

Skin Filter Base: beige-tinted makeup primer with SPF16, PA++ (25ml)

Line Spicy N BR1: Click here to see the other shades in the series.

Gradical Eyes S GD1 and Glam Trick Eyes GN1

Powder Gel Liner GD1 and SV1

Square Cut Eye Liner BK1: click here to see the other shades in the series, BU1 (dark navy), BR1 red-toned brown, BR2 natural brown and BR3 dark brown.

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Kathi said...

A green Glam trick quint!! =O This is a must-have! =D Thanks for posting!