Thursday, 20 December 2007

Voce Feb '08

The Feb '08 issue of Voce features pop star Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover with her usual combo of pale glossy lips paired with dramatic false lashes and perfectly lined eyes. It's a look that works well for her, given her big doe-like eyes but I wish she would experiment with more colours sometimes.

There are the usual makeup tutorials featuring the new spring makeup collections and hair styling tips. There is also a detailed survey comparing the shampoos and conditioners by major labels such as Tsubaki, Asience, Sala, Ichikami, Mod's Hair, Lux and L'Oreal. If you're trying to decide between Voce, Maquia and Biteki this month, I would recommend going for Voce. Maquia does come with awesome freebies though: two Bihada Ichizoku masks and a huge sachet of Bathology bath liquid. Maquia will be featuring the Spring '08 collections only in its March issue next month. I didn't get a chance to flip through Biteki. Plus there was only one copy of Biteki left by the time I got to Kinokuniya yesterday evening so it's probably sold out already.

The star of Voce's Feb issue is of course the 56-page supplement featuring the Spring'08 makeup collections in gorgeous detail. I can browse through it for hours on end trying to decide on my shopping list. This spring, the brands that have caught my eye are surprisingly not my usual favourite brands like Jill Stuart, Majolica Majorca and Aube. Aside from Awake which I've already raved about, I'm liking the following:

1. Chanel La Quatre Fleur de Chanel: Four pastel eyeshadows with a camellia motif in white, lilac, pink and silvery grey.

2. Dior: Skin Shimmer Powder #001 (Pink) looks like the most gorgeous array of shimmery pinks ever!

3. Dior: Cinq Couleurs Iridescent #909 - another winning array of soft peach, pinks, purples and golden beige.

4. Armani: Fluid Blush #18 a pinky peach. I simply adored the two Fluid Blushes from the Berry collection earlier this year so it's great to see Armani putting out a new shade. Pity that these are so expensive at 5250yen each.


Melissa said...

I'm assuming all the magazines you mentioned are written in Japanese? Wondering whether to go look for some...

Haru said...

Yes, Voce, Biteki and Maquia are all in Japanese only.

Unknown said...

Hey Haru..

Was at Kino this afternoon and there was still a whole pile of Biteki.. Should still be able to get a copy if you call them up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your pics! I browsed the copy at the Kino counter today...very pretty! There were only two copies left when I left the display after taking one. When I went back to return it, there was none left. I thought then that you must have worked your retail magic again! ;)