Sunday, 30 December 2007

RMK "Shiny Mix Dots" collection

Promo visual for RMK's Spring '08 "Shiny Mix Dots"collection. Release date is 1 February in Japan.

1. Shiny Mix Lips in 5 shades (3150yen)
2. Shiny Mix Cheeks in 3 shades (3150yen)
3. Shiny Mix Eyes in 6 shades (3360yen)
4. Nail Color N in 3 shades (2310yen)


Taryn said...

Iris, I am such a sucker for marbled/speckled beauty products. Do you know of any online retailers that might sell this collection?

My little greedy hands are dying for it!

Haru said...

Hi Taryn!

I don't know any online retailers that stock RMK but I think will do custom orders. You can email them for a price quote. Personally, I wouldn't get my hopes too high for this collection as I think the shades look like they will get muddied into one another when one applies them.