Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Paul & Joe x Disney collection

For Disney fans, the new spring collection from Paul & Joe looks set to be a must-have! I was incredibly excited to see the pics from this collection. MAC did a Disney-themed collection of lip balms a couple of years ago but those pale in comparison to the Paul & Joe collection. The collection will be launched on 1 February in Japan and is bound to sell out in a flash, given the Japanese penchant for all things cutesy.

1. Face Colour B: #1 Fantasy Orange (Bambi) and #2 Classical Pink (Flower) - the balls in these come in 3 sizes with the two larger sizes being natural colours for the cheeks and the smallest size being a champagne gold pearl shade for nuance. (3990yen; 25g)

2. Milky Lip Treatment (Marie the Cat): pink-tinted milky lip cream with sunflower oil and jojoba oil (1890yen; 15g)

3. Protective Hand Cream (Lady): Orange flower-scented hand cream with peach essence, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid for deep moisturising benefits. PSF15, PA+ (2100yen, 80g)


Anonymous said...

so cute! this is a must buy!

Grayburn said...

Oh I want these! How is the quality of Paul & Joe's makeup?

Grayburn @ blogspot

Rabbit said...

Woah! I need theeem!!!

cewek said...

Those balls will be mine!! I wonder if it will be available in Singapore??