Saturday, 1 November 2008

Coffret D'Or Spring '09

More pics of Coffret D'Or's Spring '09 collection.

Shine Accent Eyes #1 Orange Variation

Shine Accent Eyes #2 Pink Variation

Shine Accent Eyes #3 Green Variation (airy green)

Shine Accent Eyes #4 Blue Variation (silver, sky blue)

Shine Accent Eyes #5 Beige Variation (beige, khaki)

Lip Make Liner: 6 shades

Full Keep Gel Liner: this will be available in black, brown and grey.

Shine Drape Rouge (i color): 8 shades

Shine Drape Rouge (glow color): 8 shades

Shiny Carat Gloss: PK16, RD07, OR06


plue said...

I am liking the blue, green and orange. Wonder how is it like in real life?

Kathi said...

Those quads are a you have any idea if the shade in the middle is one of those nasty glitter creams? it looks so =X
I am pretty sure I'll skip them unless they look more vibrant =)
Thanks for posting! =D

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

Yes, it's a shimmery cream that is supposed to be used as a liner. According to reviews on 2Channel by Japanese ladies that have tried the testers in stores, the cream liner is packed with shimmer while the powder shadows have a metallic, shimmery finish.