Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Lunasol Spring '09

Here's another pic of Lunasol's Spring '09 collection. The collection is influenced by the energy of flower buds that are about to bloom in spring. The new eyeshadow quad series, Layer Bloom Eyes features softly translucent gradational shades that are reminiscent of flower buds in spring.

The spring collection includes:

1. Layer Bloom Eyes: 5 quads (5250yen)
2. Full Glamour Lips S: 15 shades of which 5 are limited edition (3150yen)
3. Full Glamour Gloss: 5 limited edition shades (2625yen)
4. Nail Finish: 5 new shades (1575yen)

The collection will debut on 16 January in Japan.

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