Saturday, 22 November 2008

Maquillage Spring '09

Maquillage will release its Spring '09 collection on 21 January in Japan. As Maquillage enters its fourth year, the product lineup will be revamped with new packaging that features an "M" on the eyeshadow and face palette cases as well as reformulations of the single eyeshadows, foundations and lipsticks. The new theme of the brand is the "modern, ideal face", with an emphasis on light and shading to create a more appealing look.

1. Moisture Rouge (Color On) lipstick: 12 shades
2. Moisture Rouge (Sheer) lipstick: 9 shades
3. Lip Essence EZ (lip base)
4. Eyes Creator (3D): 5 palettes in BR363, RD364, GY865, GR366 and VI367
5. Face Creator (3D): 4 palettes in #11 Nuance Red, #22 Nuance Beige, #33 Nuance Coral and #44 Nuance Pink
6. Eye Color N: 15 shades in 3 textures (Clear, Shade, Flash)
7. Eye Color N (Cream): 10 shades in 2 textures (Highlight Base, Cream Liner)

Each Eyes Creator palette contains a highlight base (1), a clear color (2), a shade color (3), a flash color (4) and a cream liner (5).

Each Face Creator palette includes a flash color (1), a highlight color (2), a cheek color (3), a shade color (4) and a nuance color (5).

The new base makeup collection for Spring/Summer '09 will debut on 21 February. It includes:
1. Lasting Powder UV Foundation: 8 shades, SPF25, PA++
2. Lasting Liquid UV: 8 shades, SPF25, PA++
3. Styling Keep Base UV SPF24 PA++
4. Concealer Stick EX: 3 shades SPF25 PA++
5. Compact Case N

Ebihara Yuri and Shinohara Ryoko will continue as spokesmodels for Maquillage while Ueno Juri, Tsuchiya Anna and Taiwanese model/actress/singer Pace Wu Peici will join as the new faces of Maquillage.


MV Kids Dentists and Braces said...

Wow! How could I ever stop shopping for cosmetics with all these exciting new release?! Thx for the update as always! :)

Anonymous said... Chiaki Kuriyama and Misaki Ito are not comimg back?!?!?! *cries* Please say they will be back!

Haru said...

Hey Pauline,

I'm afraid so, 'cos Maquillage usually has a stable of only 5 spokesmodels at any one time. I'm sad to see Misaki Ito go too. But there's always the possibility that they could represent Shiseido's other brands in the future. Ito has been with Shiseido for so long, I'd be surprised if they really stop using her completely.

Anonymous said...

No!!!! I hope to see her again :( She was my favorite of them.

Anonymous said...

The face palette looks interesting but I doubt it will be very practical? Imagine colors mixing everywhere! I won't hold my breath for interesting e/s shades! ;)