Saturday, 8 November 2008

Majolica Majorca & Maquillage Christmas '08

Pics of Majolica Majorca's Christmas collection. I'll definitely be picking up the two Majolumina powder-in-puffs which are a steal at only 1365yen compared to 3990yen for the Jill Stuart version. The Majolook palette also looks promising! There are 2 palettes in the collection, both of which are permanent. The Lash Gorgeous Wing in golden brown is limited edition.

Also out on 21 Nov is Maquillage's limited edition Jewelling Palette and Jewel Rich Gel, which is a water-based gel with large shimmer particles that can be used on the eyes and body.


plue said...

I just hope this MJ LE version reaches msia store!

Anonymous said...

Hi haru,

I've been a silent reader of your blog for some time and I'd just like to thank you for the great work you've done on it!

The new Majolook palette looks remarkably similar to BR762, doesn't it? I would have mistaken it for BR762 if I hadn't read the text!

Kinda bummed to read that Lash Expander Neo will be dc/ed as it's my HG mascara.


- evil_feline

Yumeko said...

i have tried the maquillage releases at the store and find them a bit blah XD

but love the majo puffs too!

Haru said...


The Maquillage palettes just landed at the Shiseido counters in Singapore too! I was quite surprised by how silky and smooth the texture of the eyeshadows is. The highlighter shade below the four eyeshadows is not as smooth though and feels more dry and less velvety. The color payoff was also pretty good but the colors were not really that tempting to me. I also quite liked the Jewel Rich Gel which dries down quite nicely and is not too over the top.

Haru said...

Hey evil_feline,

Thanks for reading my blog! The Majolook does look quite similar to BR762. I'll try to compare the two once I get my hands on the Christmas collection!

My experience with Majolica Majorca mascaras is that the new revamped versions tend not to be that different from the original. Lash Expander Neo was introduced just about 1 year after the original Lash Expander. I'll report on the new mascara if I get to try it.

makeupmag said...

The taupe brown in one of the Maquillage palettes is so pretty and amazingly smooth!

Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

Can you please tell me if I can order any of these products online since I live in the U.S.??? *crossing my fingers*
Because these colors are amazing

Haru said...

Dear Erica,
You can order the items very easily from either or Both take Paypal for payment. Adambeauty tends to have more reasonable prices but I think Ichibankao may have a wider selection and availability of stock as it is based in Japan unlike Adambeauty which is based in Hong Kong and can sell out of stuff quite quickly. Good luck!