Saturday, 15 November 2008

Paul & Joe + Shu Uemura Xmas haul

Several makeup brands have launched their Christmas collections in Singapore this week including Beaute de Kose, Shu Uemura, Paul & Joe, Givenchy, Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent and RMK.

With the yen's quick rise in the past few weeks, some brands actually became cheaper to buy in Singapore than Japan. For example, Beaute de Kose's Christmas coffret costs 5250yen in Japan but only S$69 (about 4410yen) in Singapore. I picked up one set as a CP for my pal, Fleckenschnitte. I'm still contemplating whether to get one for myself as I liked the two Eye Fantasist shades which are very pretty with a lovely fine shimmer and smooth texture. The Eye Fantasist usually retails for S$38 each so the set is very worthwhile as it also comes with a peachy lipgloss, coral blush and a gold mascara.

The RMK kit also works out to be cheaper in Singapore at S$135 compared to 9975yen (S$156) in Japan but I could not get much color payoff when I tried swatching the eyeshadows on my hand so I passed on that.

The Paul & Joe Christmas collection was the one that I was most excited about but sadly it turned out to be a disappointment. On the face & lipstick kits, the face colors did not have a very smooth texture and the color payoff was medium at best. The lipstick shades were also super sheer with hardly any color payoff. The SA described them as more like lip balms rather than lipsticks. The kitty print white pouch was cute but overall the set was not really worth paying S$80 for.

I ended up getting the two fragrance kits (S$80 each), plus the new Pearl Powder #4 (S$30, 3g) which is a gorgeous metallic brown and the Eye Gloss N #3 Moonlight (S$36), a pretty silvery pale lavender. The kitty print yellow makeup case was S$60, and the trio of red Lipstick L in the metal tube packaging were a whopping S$45 each.

The Lipstick L shades were not unique or outstanding enough to warrant the high price tag so I passed on them. I was very impressed by the new Pearl Powders which are incredibly soft and finely milled, with a sparkly shimmer. These are an excellent alternative to MAC Pigments, which tend to have a chunkier textue. Of course MAC offers a much greater color range while P&J currently has only five shades available. I hope P&J introduces more shades in the future as they've got a superb winner on their hands with this. The new Eye Glosses are also excellent, with a texture that dries down nicely to a shimmery finish. The shades available are not very funky or radical but they are very easy to wear and would flatter most skintones.

The prices are cheaper in comparison to Japan where the fragrance kits and face color & lipstick kits are 6825yen each (about S$106) and the cosmetic pouch is 4725yen (S$73). Eyegloss N is 2625yen (S$41) and the Pearl Powder is 2310yen (S$36).

With purchase of S$200, the Isetan counter is also giving away the trolley suitcase with the poppy print, choice of one lipstick (old formula) and a Collection Sparkle Face Color from previous seasonal collections. The counters are supposed to receive a new GWP of a hobo bag with the new kitty print sometime next week.

The Shu Uemura Christmas collection by Mika Nakagawa was a winner for me. I was very tempted to get all three palettes but at S$115 each, I decided to get only the Secret Luscious Rose palette.

My second pick would have been the Midnight Winter Sakura palette but as both the Rose and Sakura palettes featured blue, purple and green shades, I thought they were too similar to justify getting both. Adorned Marguerite looks charmingly vibrant but I know I would not use the yellow and lime green shades in it. I also picked up the Drawing Pencil Mini Trio (S$45) which comes with a sticker of a blue rose. The SA also told me that they were waiting for some accessories that would be the GWP for purchases from the Mika collection (not sure of the minimum purchase amount) and that she would set one aside for me when they come in. The mini lipgloss trios were not outstanding enough to warrant the S$70 price tag so I passed on those too.

I also bought the Cleansing Oil in the new Advanced Formula (S$132) with the limited edition bottle featuring calligraphy by the late Mr Shu Uemura and received the Mika pouch as a gift. As the Mika pouch retails for US$29 in the US and is available in Japan only as a prize in a lucky draw contest, I thought that was a pretty cool gift!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
That pic of Secret Luscious Rose palette makes the palette sooo pretty! it's much more prettier than photos from magazines!
I'm really torn between buying the Secret Luscious Rose palette and the Midnight Winter Sakura palette...but it's a bit too expensive to get both.

Have you actually tried using the shadows? It would be great if you can share your views on how you find the shadows and your recommendation on why you picked the Rose palette (instead of the Sakura palette).

Kathi said...

=O You picked up a BdK kit for me! *jumps up and down in excitement* Thanks so much dear! =D *hugs*
Pretty haul you scored there! The Shu Rose palette looks very pretty and tempting!

cewek said...

Great haul Haru!! Can you believe that all of the e/s palettes sold out in Australia before I got my hands on them??? They were retailing for AUD79 each too. So I had to resort in getting them off ebay for USD65 each plus USD18 shipping (EMS from Taiwan).

Anyways the good news is that shu uemura will be coming to Adelaide early next year! I so can not wait!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru!
I got the makeup pouch as a gift too! I actually wanted to buy it when I saw it online so I was more than thrilled to get it free at the counter. =D It even came stuffed with a few goodies, including two small bottles of the advanced balancing cleansing oil. I'm debating if I should exchange for the one with the premium cleansing oil.

It's weird, at the counter, I only tried the Sakura and and Marguerite 'cause the Rose didn't look that pretty but it looks pretty in your pic so now I'm wondering if I should have given it a swatch.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Shu uemura limited edition cleansing oil as well! But I only bought it for $61.90 USD... It didn't come with a GWP though. Did you try it out yet? I didn't like it as much though because it didn't seem to wash off cleanly. Let us know how you feel about it!

Haru said...

Hi Sheila,

Unfortunately, Shu has raised their prices in Singapore over the past year so the cleansing oils are really pricey now. I actually just really wanted the bottle as I admired the creator very much and was sad that he passed away at the end of last year. I have used the Shu Cleansing Oil before and it worked fine for me. I do use a separate cleanser after that to make sure that I remove all traces of oil from my skin as I have acne-prone skin.

Hey Dark Nyx,
I also received some skincare samples from the SA but didn't include these in the pics. The palettes are all really lovely and would work well for most people. But if you have Sakura already, it contains some shades that are very similar to Rose.

Hey Cewek,
I'm surprised the palettes sold out that quickly! I didn't know Shu is so popular in Australia, or maybe they got limited stock. We have many Shu counters in Singapore so I think these should take awhile to sell out. I think they have sold out in Japan as well.

Hey Kathi,
Yup, I was surprised to see the kit here and snapped it up as it was cheaper than Japan!

Hey Lamb,
I haven't tried the shadows yet but will definitely post a review after I've done so :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been sitting on the fence re: Shu's Xmas palettes ... to the extent that I have not swatched them! Based on your fab reviews, I think I should! :)

I am disappointed to hear that P&J Xmas palette is not very exciting, I was still looking forward to the pretty swirly face color ...

Adeline said...

I was eyeing Paul and Joe's christmas collection! Actually more so for the suitcase than anything else =p it's the black and pink printed one right?

I'll probably skip it and just pick up my foundation primer then =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru!

I bought the Beaute de Kose Fantasia set after seeing it here and really love it! It's my first time buying BdK products, but the set is really lovely. Such a great deal at only S$69 as well. :)

Enjoy your trip to Tokyo! I will be travelling to Japan in Dec. Really looking forward to it as well.

makeupmag said...

Your photo of the Secret Luscious Rose palette stirs lemmings in me; lemmings I should NOT be having!

I bought the BdK Christmas coffret, to my own surprise...I didn't expect the Eye Fantasists - which although I usually love - to hit me so hard with their beauty! I am in love with the pale cream shade...and the awesome reflective packaging. I've not much use for the other items but they'd make great gifts! ;)

Iris, hesitate no more. GET IT. :P ;)

The RMK looks decidedly clunky...

You received such a neat GWP! Enjoy everything!