Saturday, 29 November 2008

Majolook Collection

Here's a close-up look at the two new Majolook (Illuminator) palettes, BR799 (left) and BR788 (right).

I was hoping for more of a burgundy x silvery taupe combination in BR799 but the middle shade turned out to be more of a taupey grey while the darkest shade is a plummy brown with purple flecks. It looks a bit similar to the Majolook (Trick On) BR751 which came out in the fall collection.

BR788 is different enough from the other brown palettes in the Majolook series to justify getting. It has a metallic light beige, antique gold and dark coffee brown. BR762 is the Majolook that I reach for the most often as I like the olive and bronzey brown shades in it.

The pink-themed palettes.

And here's the whole "family"! :-)


Anonymous said...

I have GR 741(First row, last one) and GR 750. However, i find both the liner shade(the darkest colour) turned out to be the same when applied on hand! though it looks really diff..
does that happen to u too?

Can u pls do a tut on GR 750? I just bought it but somehow i screwed up the combination..

yda said...

gosh!! I love your collection!! *drools*

Anonymous said...

I heart your collection! I've only tried the Trick On series but I loooove the moist, dense texture.

I've got a question: I read somewhere that when using Fiberwig, you're supposed to curl your lashes AFTER applying the mascara as well (letting it dry, of course.), do you know anything about that? I've noticed that Fiberwig does straighten a curl but am iffy of curling my lashes after application.

Tamtam said...

I love BR 799 from this xmas collection... Do you?? can u do a swatch of the new colors from this xmas?? thanks a lot... love ur blog!
also, how do u feel about the cream shadow in these palettes? its one of the reason that seems to put me off from buying these.....

Haru said...

Hey Dark_nyx,

I haven't read about curling lashes after applying the Fibrewig but I think in general, that may not be a good idea as it makes your lashes more prone to breaking.

Hey Emily,

I'll try to include some application ideas when I review the quad but I'm afraid I don't do tutorials with pictures as my camera can't pick up the colors nicely. The dark liner shades do tend to look similar but I do see the hint of dark emerald in the liner shade in GR741 which I like very much.

Hey Tammy,

I hate the cream base shades in the Majolook palettes! To me, they're just a waste of space as they don't perform well as a base. But you shouldn't let that put you off from buying the Majolooks as the powder eyeshadows in them are still lovely.

I probably won't have time to do swatches as I'm holidaying in Tokyo this week but the shades apply pretty much like what you see in the pan. You can also check out as I'm sure my buddy, the Muse, will review these at some point and she always includes swatches as well as looks of herself.

fuzkittie said...

Wow this is awesome!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

Enjoy your trip in Tokyo!!! I'd die to go to Japan at this time of year to get all the makeup goodies ;)

Lilyeuhh said...

Hi Haru!

First of all, looove your blog, makes me wanna buy all of them! What a huge collection! :p

I have one question for you: how is the Majolook Illuminator palette with purple and black (second row, last of the illuminating ones)? Can you do some swatches, please? I really want to try it! Is it discontinued (please say no... please... :p)?


Haru said...

Dear Lilyvanille,

I'm afraid that purple Majolook has been discontinued. I tried looking at some online shops such as Adambeauty, Bobodave and Ichibankao but none of them stock it. I haven't worn it in a long time and as far as I can recall, it's an average palette, the silver shade is quite nice but it can be duped by the SV830 single eyeshadow from the permanent range.

Lilyeuhh said...

Thanks Haru! In fact, I'm looking for a darker, sultrier look for parties, with deep purple... do you have any advice for such a look (products to recommend)?

And I'm also looking for a burgundy shade, would you recommand MM for that?

And last question (:p), what do you prefer between Illuminator and Trick On palettes?

Thanks again!

Haru said...


I prefer the Trick On palettes over the Majolook palettes as the cream base shade in the Majolook palettes is of terrible quality and makes the eyeshadows crease. The Trick On palettes have a great texture that is smooth, easy to apply and long-lasting with a lovely shimmer.

For a deep purple shade to create a sultrier look, perhaps you can try:
1. Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes #2 Lavender Coral

2. MAC single eyeshadows in Purple Haze, Parfait Amour, Trax

3. Lavshuca Grade Color Select PU1

4. Esprique Precious True Impact Eyes T-3

MM does not have any burgundy shades in its line-up so you will have to try other brands for one. If you have access to MAC, MAC will probably have a few options. Japanese brands don't offer many burgundy options. The closest I can think of is probably Anna Sui which should have a burgundy shade in its single eyeshadow line-up, perhaps #206. Or Lunasol Noble Shadow Eyes #2 Deep Variation.

If you have access to Stila, you can try their single eyeshadows in Barefoot Contessa, Pigalle and Viola.

Lilyeuhh said...

The shades look beautiful!!
Thanks Haru!!

Latte adict said...

Hi Haru,
I see that you have a great collection of Majo Majo, which makes me jealous ;)
Anyway, I just got my first one from ebay (BR788). There isn't an instruction or diagram on the packaging. So I am clueless on what to do with the white shimmery creamy eyeshadow on top of the gold/brown trio. Can you help me? Thanks!

Anya said...

Haru, I'm looking for a versatile warm/neutral/bronzed smokey eye look...which MM palette would you recommend? I am considering BR788 (Illuminator) -vs- BR751 (Trick On). Which one do you think is the best palette?

Anonymous said...

hello haru, did you get all these palettes in Singapore? They are all so pretty. I will have to check out Watsons when I pop by Singapore next mth.