Saturday, 29 November 2008

Majolica Majorca Christmas '08

I dropped by the Watsons in Ngee Ann City to check out the Majolica Majorca Christmas collection. Snapped some pics to share with everyone :-)

One corner of the store had been done up with MM paraphernalia, probably for the makeover sessions.

The displays of the Christmas collection items. Everything (the powder puffs, palettes, mascara) is priced at S$25.90. I was disappointed to see that the Majolumina powder-in-puffs had only a measly 3g of product inside. This actually makes it more expensive per gram of shimmer powder compared to the Lancome Diva Magic Powder!

The tester display.

I ended up getting both palettes, using the $5 voucher from last week's Gransenbon blush haul (by the way, #7 still has some pieces left so get it while you can because once the stock runs out, it's gone forever. The Singapore distributor apparently took all the remaining stock in Japan). I'll post a more detailed review after I've had a chance to wear these.

Majolica Majorca has now been rolled out at many Watsons around the island. There's also a counter at the Wisma Atria outlet but the Christmas collection is currently availably only at the Watsons in Ngee Ann City. So what else are you waiting for? :-)


Anonymous said...

i was browsing through MM @ Watson today and was wondering is i should grab the majolumina. lemming the gold. no tester available & the gold look like it's really popular. have u tried it? how is it so far? ahh should i go for it?

Haru said...

Hi Rina,

The Majolumina shimmer powder is very fine, and pretty decent for the price. The packaging is a bit too large and clumsy though as you open it up only to find a puff that's much smaller than the box! I think it's a nice to have product, not really a must have. I bought it only because I like to collect MM's Christmas LE items.