Thursday, 27 November 2008

Paul & Joe Warehouse Sale

Thanks to a good buddy, I got wind of a Paul & Joe warehouse sale today at Jalan Kilang. We got there just before the 10.30am opening time and already there was a queue. When the gate finally opened, there was a rush to the P&J counter (there was also Givenchy and assorted fragrance brands at the sale).

I ended up getting these lovelies for a real bargain!
Loose Powder #2 Vanille $23

Sparkling Body Powder 001 Ange des Neiges and 002 Sucre D'Orge $18 each. I think these were from a Christmas collection a couple of years ago so I was surprised to see them at the sale. With 10g of product in each, these were really a steal!

I also picked up the Intensive Whitening Mask ($26) and the Serum Mask ($31).

The only thing that kind of marred the experience is that such sales really bring out the not so pleasant aspects in customers. The queue to get to the P&J makeup table was long and slow-moving as some ladies took their time testing a ton of stuff and asking the SAs many questions. I understand the mentality that since they took some time to queue up as well, they did not want to be hurried into making a purchase. But seriously, some were taking 20 minutes or more. I just grabbed the items I wanted and left.

All in all, I think many people were frustrated by the messy queues, price discrepancies, items being out of stock but testers still put out, being overcharged or given the wrong items. But I wish people would also spare a thought for the two SAs who had to deal with people expecting the same level of service as a department store counter when they're paying 50% or less of the actual retail price. Why can't people just be more civil and considerate?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was there yesterday, the arrangement of this sales is dissappointed, as what you've pointed out above. Hopefully, next year...ladies, please be more civilise and considerate on others queuing behind you.

Haru said...

The sale is at 6 Jalan Kilang, opposite ABC Market. Can check Cozycot for more details or for directions.

Anonymous said...

when sale end

Haru said...

I'm afraid Saturday 29 Nov was the last day of the sale.