Friday, 7 November 2008

Kate Spring '09

Kate will release its Spring '09 collection on 1 February in Japan. The star product of the collection is the Diamond Cut Eyes palette series. Each palette comes with a gold shade and a silver shade that contain 'Diamond Cut Pearl Powder' which reflect 7 different colors depending on the angle.

Some of Kate's best-sellers have also be revamped with new improved formulas such as the liquid eyeliner which is more pigmented than before while the new Gel Mascara is also more intensely black with a new brush design to improve its curling power.

1. Diamond Cut Eyes: 5 eyeshadow quints(1680yen)
2. Conc Liquid Eyeliner: 3 shades (1470yen)
3. Magical Long Gel Mascara N: black (1575yen)
4. Liquid Rouge: 7 shades (1470yen)
5. Deep Trap Eyes: new green palette (1680yen)
6. Gradical Eyes S : blue-green palette (1470yen)
7. Rouge Extra: 1 new shade (1470yen)

1 comment:

makeupmag said...

Wow, I like how the e/s sparkles in the ad. I know the real effect wouldn't be like that but the idea of diamond twinkle...alluring! :)
I wonder how it'd compare to the Dual Carats.