Sunday, 8 February 2009 Haul!

My sister-in-law was kind enough to help me bring my order back from the UK recently!

Taking advantage of the low pound, I ordered both Paul & Joe Bambi balls, a Korres Wild Rose Regimen Kit (£19), a Korres Plum Color Collection (£10) and Eyeko Fat Balm Tint For The Lips And Cheeks in Raspberry (£3.50). Postage was only £3.90 within the UK.

I was expecting to like the pink Bambi balls more than the orange ones but it turns out that the pink balls are slightly less pigmented and don't show up as well as the orange ones. The light pink finish is nice enough but it's not really that unique or particularly stunning. Then again, I think most ladies are buying these more for the cute packaging than anything else. It's not special enough that I would want to shell out another S$48 for a backup of it.

The Korres Plum Color Collection was the item that I was most eagerly anticipating. It was an absolute steal at only 10 quid ('s sale price, down from the original 20 quid). It comes in a resealable zip-lock packaging, whereas in the US (on, it comes in a cardboard box. The US retail price was US$29.50, so the Asos price is still much cheaper. Plus the Plum set is no longer available on

The Plum Lip Butter has a light cherry fragrance and gives a light red tint to my lips. I can see this being a convenient option for those days when I just can't be bothered with applying lipstick. The only thing I don't really like is the pot packaging as I'm not fond of dipping my finger into cream products.

I haven't tried out the Plum Eyeshadow but it looks absolutely divine in the pan.

The Cherry Lip Gloss in Plum is excellent! It is a glossy, creamy medium plummy red that looks elegant and classy. There are no irritating glitter bits in it, which is a plus. It lasts quite well over a few hours of wear (without eating/drinking). I wore it on its own and noticed a bit of bleeding into the fine lines around the lips but this may not happen with a lipstick or lipliner as the base.

I also picked up the Eyeko Fat Balm Tint as it was dirt cheap. It looks like a scary blackened plum in the tube but like most tints, it actually applies as a sheery brownish berry without any pink tones. The texture is not as watery as Tarte's cheek stains but it still blends easily into the skin for a natural hint of color.


Anonymous said...

I have the Korres Love Your Lips set =) the cherry lipgloss is the name for the entire range of glosses! You can find the individual shade name on the cap of the gloss.

Haru said...

Hi Adeline,

Oops, totally didn't notice that! The lipgloss shade in my set is Plum. Thanks for pointing that out!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time you must of had unpacking all your goodies! I hope you show us a pic of the purple shadow when applied :)

Anonymous said...

I have to Eyeko Fat Balm too! Except mine is in Strawberry. It smells so yummy!

Inge said...

Ohh, I just got a note from my post man that my Asos package is waiting for me at the post office. I can't wait!

You got some awesome stuff. I've been wanting to try the eyeko balms!

Anonymous said...

I remember Korres used to be sold in Singapore, at Tangs and even OG! Then they stopped selling it. Wonder if any other shops here are still selling it?