Saturday, 31 January 2009

My Jill Stuart Collection

I wasn't happy with the photos that I had taken earlier of my new Jill Stuart stuff so I decided to re-take them along with the rest of my Jill Stuart collection. I've adored the brand ever since its inception and own way too many of their palettes as I like the shimmery and pigmented textures, as well as the princessy packaging.

Some of the shades can get quite repetitive, especially the multitude of pinks but there are also some very unique complex smokey shades that are great fun to experiment with. There's a distinct lack of intense emerald shades though, hopefully this will be rectified in the future as I think Jill Stuart does jewel tones very well. If I could only use one brand of eyeshadows, I would be happy with just using Jill Stuart.

I took these photos next to a window during the daytime so the eyeshadow shades look more muted.

Top Row: Mix Blush Compact Illuminance #101 Platinum Illuminance and #102 Gold Illuminance

Bottom Row: Mix Blush Compact #2 Rose Bloom, #6 Fresh Apricot and #8 Romantic Poppy

Illuminance Eyes #1 Jewel Dress, #4 Aqua Crystal and #6 Blossoming Shine

Left Column: Seductive Eyes #1 Seductive Doll, #2 Sugar Angel, #3 Twinkle Angel

Right Column: Seductive Eyes #4 Sensual Fairy, #6 Romantic Goddess

Left Column: Brilliance Eyes #1 Pink Quartz, #2 Crystal Jade and #4 Gem Amethyst

Right Column: Brilliance Eyes #5 Mauve Pearl, #6 Glazed Garnet and #7 Jewel Violet

Illuminance Eyes #6 Blossoming Shine

Seductive Eyes #6 Romantic Goddess

Mix Blush Compact#8 Romantic Poppy (left) and #6 Fresh Apricot (right)

Romantic Poppy is very similar to Fresh Apricot except that Romantic Poppy has slightly darker shades. But once mixed and applied, the difference between the two blushes is too subtle to tell. So if you already own Fresh Apricot, I would not recommend Romantic Poppy. Romantic Poppy applies as a matte medium rose pink. On me, it's quite average, not really knock-my-socks-off fantastic but as with lots of Jill Stuart makeup, the focus is on getting a pretty, feminine look.


birkinbagbeauty said...

That is one of the most beautiful collections I laid my eyes on. Thank you so much for the description of the Romantic poppy sounds like such a lovely colour.

ms.iu said...

the mix blushhh are sooo lovelyyy..

Inge said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing pics of your collection :)

Anonymous said...

your collection is amazingg..

Yumeko said...

i looove ur JS collection
i'll never be able to have a makeup collection your size but i am so glad u are willing to share piccies!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, it's all so gorgeous and beautiful. I'm lemming all of those. You are so lucky

queenyee said...

wow, nice nice, i'm so amazed! i'm wondering have you tried all of them =P

Maryda said...

WOW, so jealous. lol...But, I'm pretty disappointed at my Jill Stuart Brocade Gold eyeshadows. They're so sheer. It's not worth it for me considering the price. They are best for fair to light skinned gals. Although I'm light/medium. Just a bit boring and only the grey one is kinda pigmented. Is LUNASOL like them, too? Sheer?

I'd luv to try Lunasol, but skeptical of the price and if it's sheer again....mehhh

Citrine said...

What a pretty collection!

(I don't have anything by Jill Stuart yet because I am afraid I will scratch the mirror surface...but I am a bit tempted by the blusher quad...)

Anonymous said...

That's quite a nice collection!

Haru said...

Hi queenyee,

Yes, I have actually used all of them! I reach for my Jill Stuart palettes much more frequently than the other brands in my stash. My favourites are Brilliance Eyes #4 Gem Amethyst and #5 Mauve Pearl, Seductive Eyes #4 Sensual Fairy and Illuminance Eyes #4 Aqua Crystal.

Hi Maryda,
I'm surprised to hear you say the JS Brocade Gold is sheer. Perhaps you can try using it with an eyeshadow base to get the eyeshadows to show up better? I always use a base to help the colors show up more true to what they look like in the pan, and also so that they last longer without fading and creasing.

Lunasol has many different eyeshadow series with differing levels of color payoff and texture. Some are more sheer and matte while others are more intense and shimmery. The Geminate Eyes series is one of the most intensely pigmented. But even a series like Sheer Contrast Eyes actually has quite good color payoff.

If you want a more affordable brand of eyeshadows with good color payoff, I would recommend checking out Kate (Deep Trap Eyes, Glam Trick Eyes, Diamond Cut Eyes), Lavshuca (Eye Color Select, Grade Color Select), Coffret D'Or (3D Lighting Eyes).

Hi Citrine,
The JS cases don't scratch easily in my experience. Mine are still in perfect condition, even the oldest ones that I've had for a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I would like to ask, where do you get your Jill Stuart products from? I have been longing to try out Jill Stuart products, especially the blushes, but its not sold here in KL and most of the online sites don't ship to Malaysia.

Thanks in advance! =)

Haru said...

Hi Lynn,

You can order JS from, or I'm quite sure all of them ship to Malaysia.

I get my JS from a friend who lives in Tokyo who helps me to buy makeup every few months. If you have friends visiting Hong Kong or Taiwan, perhaps you can also ask them to help you buy from there as JS is actually cheaper now in Hong Kong and Taiwan, compared to Japan.

Jenn said...

Wow, all of it is so pretty. Seeing your pics makes me want to try out the blushes. =)

Kathi said...

Hi Lynn,
you can also try who lists JS stuff at very moderate prices compared to other online shops =) I ordered the 2 new blushes and one of the new palettes from them =D

Latte adict said...

Wow...that is impressive!!! Just as your Majo collection. This makes me big is your make-up storage space? ;)
I really like the content of your blog! Love the info you offer.

Anonymous said...

Since HK & Taiwan already had JS, hopefully Spore can bring this brand in.

Anonymous said...

Impressive collection! JS stuff are really nice! :)

How do you feel about Illuminance Eyes #6 Blossoming Shine? Is it similar to Glazed Garnet?

Haru said...

Hi evynoppie,

You can check out my earlier post with pics of my stash. It shows a big part of my stash :-)

Hi Petitez,

Blossoming Shine is quite different from Glazed Garnet. I find Glazed Garnet to be much darker and smokier whereas Blossoming Shine features a lighter combination of shades. Glazed Garnet can turn out looking somewhat ashy, but not Blossoming Shine.

watercoloursky said...

Thanks for taking pics of all of them together! It helps me decide which one I want :) Is it possible for you to do swatches of each sometime?

watercoloursky said...

*not of all of them but the blushes? :) I'm trying to decide between 07 Lovely Tulip, 08 (the one you have), and 06 Apricot

Haru said...


Sorry, I don't really have the time to do swatches. The JS blushes also feature very similar pink shades across the various compacts so the differences between the shades may not show up that distinctly.

Anonymous said...

Nice collection there!
May I know how you managed to get Japanese items that are not avail in SG?
Pls share! Thanks & hugs!

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm so envious of you! I love Jill Stuart so much but sadly it's not available in SG yet.. But I believe it will come, like how MM came. But when it comes perhaprs I won't like it as much since it won't be that unique anymore.

Btw, I love Japanese make up brand and ayumi hamasaki too! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey I was wondering how do u afford all of this? Do u get discounts because u get them in great volumes? thanks ^^

Haru said...

No, I do not get any discounts. I buy all my Jill Stuart products at the department stores at normal retail prices like any other customer.

As to how do I afford it, the simple answer is that I work and save money! Virtually all the products I review on my blog are bought with my own money, and not sponsored by any company (and if they are sponsored, I always state so in the review).

Hannah said...

Hi Haru

Could you do a EOTD with the Gold Brocade? This must be the most hopeless palette that I have. I always get a rather muddy finishing with this palette. :(


Marina said...

Could you tell me which of the Jill Stuart eyeshadow lines has the least amount of glitter? I have a crystal eyes palette in romantic onyx but find it is way too glittery. I wanted to see if there are any with a matte or pearly sheen. I don't like chunky glitter.