Friday, 13 February 2009

Steady March '09

Sorry about the dearth of posts this week as it has been one of those weeks in which every day, I feel even more knackered than the previous day due to the barrage of work. I didn't make any new makeup purchases this week though I did end up spending a pretty bundle on this LeSportsac bag (S$165) in the Faerie Tree print.

I would have preferred it in the Diane style but it was not available in either Isetan or Takashimaya so I settled for the Greta, which was a style that I did not have yet. The Greta is roomy enough to fit my daily stash of wallet, card case, iPod, keys and random paraphernalia and tucks very comfortably under the arm. I like the Tribeca as well but it's not as comfortable to carry on the shoulder as the Greta. I love LeSportsac bags for their light weight, convenience and durability, plus all the quirky cute prints. I probably have close to 15 LeSportsac bags by now, with about half being the Tokidoki series.

My only other purchase of the week was the new March issue of Steady magazine, which I rushed to Kinokuniya on Thursday noon to grab as it came with a Rebecca Taylor vanity pouch. Rebecca Taylor is one of my favourite clothing brands, very similar in sensibility to Jill Stuart, so I had to have it :-)

The shape is identical to the Paul & Joe Sister pouch that came with the Oct '08 issue of Spring magazine. I was lucky to get the last copy of Steady at the Kino in Ngee Ann City. I think Kino brings in very few copies of Steady, compared to Sweet, which had more than a dozen copies stacked up when I was there. There is an elastic band under the lid for holding brushes.

The Rebecca Taylor dress that has the same print as the pouch.

Another Rebecca Taylor dress with the floral print in blue.

Paul & Joe Sister handkerchieves and gift boxes! I like the tote bag too but it costs a whopping 26,250yen... sigh.

I adore this white Agnes B. Voyage pouch (4200yen)!

More Agnes B. Voyage purses.

Also lemming the red Anna Sui wallet with the butterfly charm (12,600yen)!

And finally, another reason to stalk Kinokuniya for Steady next month! The April issue will come with a Rope Picnic lunch tote (16cm x20cm x10cm) and scrunchie with a delightful star print. Rope Picnic is a Japanese clothing brand.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Whether you are married, attached or single, I hope you enjoy the day with a loved one.


Inge said...

That is a beautiful bag! I have a couple of LeSportsac bags and I adore them.

Bunnie said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog and I'm loving your Japanese hauls!! I wish I could go to Asia and browse through all of those brands! =) Happy Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, I love Chanel's rose dust blush but its too pricey.. any recommendations for something of a similar shade (with no/less shimmers) but more affordable? ive been looking around but to no avail! thanks so much!! :)

Haru said...

Hi Pixie,

I don't know how to stop at just owning a couple of LSS bags! But at least they're much cheaper (and way more fun!) than say Prada or Gucci ;-p

Hi Bunnie,

Thanks for your comment, always glad to hear that my readers enjoy the blog :-) I often wish I was in the US too, to be able to take advantage of all the great brands and sales over there.

Perhaps you can check out Ettusais or Bourjois blushes? Bourjois has quite a wide range of shades, and you may be able to find a similar shade to Rose Dust. Ettusais has a new Marble Cheek Color that also looks promising.

Anonymous said...

I used to own a few LeSportsac bags & pouches too. But the bags are not presentable if you work in an office. I still prefer Longchamp Pliage for work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru

Thanks for sharing your lovely freebie. worth the buy, especially your love it as much as Jill stuart :) when i read "i had to buy it" makes me smile in my heart, such cute in your words. i guess most women has that "i just have to have it (if not i faint haha)

On makeup, do you use BB cream actually? seldom see your post on BB cream so wonder if you actually use BB cream and your thoughts on it?


Haru said...

Hi Pinky,

The only BB Cream I've tried is a Japanese brand called Sinn but unfortunately it didn't work that well for me. The main flaw was the lack of oil control. The coverage and color match was so-so. I was also not that impressed by the pressed powder while the loose powder turned out to be a bit dark for my skintone.

Since then, I just haven't been tempted to try other BB Creams, especially since I'm currently very happy with my Lancome powder foundation.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got the P&J Spring '09 LE Nail & Hand Care Kit in the Butterfly Tin for 3 pcs. ($48, $57.43 incl. tax & shipping).

"You won't be able to keep your pretty paws off of Paul & Joe's Nail & Hand Care Kit. Perfectly packaged in a keepsake tin, this kit comes complete with everything needed to rejuvenate hard working hands. The three-step kit restores your mitts from palms to tips, delivering a much needed dose of moisture.

Hand Cream 1.4 oz.
Nail Protect Coat .33 oz.
Pink Manicure Gloves (1 pair)

Step 1: Hand Cream
Formulated with skin-loving squalane and moisturizing macadamia nut oil, this silky smooth. Hand Cream quenches thirsty hands and fingertips without leaving an oily residue. Bursting with natural botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid, this Hand Cream restores hands to healthy hydration. Ingredients: Elder Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Hawthorn Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Orange Flower Water, Rose Extracts & White Lily Extract

Step 2: Gloves
Pretty and pink, these gloves lock in moisture from the Hand Cream and repair weakened, dry or damaged nails and hands. Leave on ten minutes to allow lotion to seep into skin. For deep conditioning, heat gloves in the microwave and massage hands while wearing.

Step 3: Nail Protect Coat
Nail Protect Coat fortifies nails and provides an even base prior to nail enamel application. This protective coat strengthens nails with fine nylon fibers and moisturizes with orange water flower, white lily extract and jojoba oil. Ingredients: Chamomile Extract, Vitamin A Peal Calc E.

Step 3: Nail Protect Coat
Nail Protect Coat fortifies nails and provides an even base prior to nail enamel application. This protective coat strengthens nails with fine nylon fibers and moisturizes with orange water flower, white lily extract and jojoba oil. Ingredients: Chamomile Extract, Vitamin A Peal Calc E."

My nail kit's just perfect, please enjoy your LeSportsac and Rebecca Taylor vanity pouch!

Anonymous said...

hey !
does og or anywhere abouts sell kate gel liner? thanks

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Haru,

I've nominated your Blog for a Triple Award!


Jamilla Camel

Haru said...


From what I've read on Cozycot, OG's Kanebo counters do not have the Kate gel eyeliners. But I think you can order these easily from or Good luck!

Dear Jamilla,

Thank you, that is so sweet and such an honour too! Just one thing, I'm not Japanese! I'm Singaporean Chinese and just happen to love Japanese makeup 'cos I lived in Japan for 4 years up to 2007 :-)

Haru said...

Dear ginghampop,

That's a great buy! I'm still waiting impatiently for it to be launched in Singapore, hope it makes it over here 'cos I would dearly love to add it to my P&J arsenal :-)

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Haru!

Ooops! Apologies...I will correct my blog.

In any case, it is a honor to follow your blog!

Anonymous said...

Love your new LSS Faerie bag!

I was absolutely out of control with the tokidoki collection and has sinfully amassed over 25 tokis :P Please do post pics of your LSS !

It's so hard to find fellow toki lovers here in SG ..

- lilian

Anonymous said...

Lesport sac is rather overpriced in Spore. I hope the recession can bring down prices for more brands so more ppl are willing to spend.

Anonymous said...

hi haru,

i am loving the agnes b purse you posted here! can i know where can i get them in singapore?

thanks in advance :)

Haru said...


I didn't see any of these purses at the Agnes b. and I'm not sure if they will actually bring them in eventually. In Singapore, Agnes b is available at Isetan Scotts, Isetan orchard. They also have freestanding stores in Plaza Singapura and Raffles City.

Miffy said...

Haru, I'm glad you featured something from Rope Picnic - it's my favorite Japanese boutique! I live in Kobe and most shops are ending their seasonal sales but I was lucky enough to score stuff from Rope Picnic at 70% off :) Also saw a lot of very cute wallets and passcases by Rebecca Taylor at Marui.

Anonymous said...

i'm new... promise to brief round more time after time!