Thursday, 23 April 2009

LeSportSac Mook

My buddy, AhCapp, just tipped me off that the LeSportSac mooks, done for LeSportSac's 35th anniversary, are now in stock at Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City and she was nice enough to help me reserve one too! Thank you, AhCapp!

They cost S$22.40 each, which makes it a pretty good deal considering that the prices of LeSportSac accessories usually start from S$30 and upwards. It comes in 3 versions, Beauty Girl (which is a Japan-exclusive print), Candy Dots and Voyage. For a makeup junkie, the natural choice is of course Beauty Girl!

Candy Dots


Do check out Yumeko's wonderful blog featuring the Beauty Girl mook here!


Anonymous said...

I saw the Mook yesterday afternoon at Kino too. The gift is not inserted in the magazine. You have to go to the counter & ask for your gift if you decide to make purchase. However, I only saw 2 styles left as of yesterday.

kuri said...

Wow, I want that beauty girl gift! Thanks for posting about it.

makeupmag said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the heads up on this. I reserved it at the LC branch and my hubs collected it for me! Beauty Girl is super cute! Do they have it in other bag designs?

Haru said...

Hey Mag,

So glad to hear that you got it too! The Beauty Girl print is exclusive to Japan and you can view the range of bag designs in this print here: intended to get the Diane style but it was out of stock by the time my friend tried to order it so I got the Emily instead, which is a style that I don't have yet. I considered the Medium Tribeca and Tribeca too but these don't hold their shape nicely when carried.

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Hey Haru!!

It's Dana from blog inspiring beauty creator! I was wondering if u could help me out. I desperatly want the beauty girl bag in sophia style. Would u be able to get it and ship it to the united states? I went a le sports store and they cannot order it from japan for me. I will pay u extra for ur help and gas money. Please consider I'm desperate. I could also send you a bag of makeup goodies from the us if u don't want extra cash. I have paypal btw. You would make this birthday girl very happy!!! My bday is tomorrow. Hope your well thanks! :)

cewek said...

Hey Haru,

Meta here. Sorry I had to delete my comment earlier. As soon as I wrote that comment, I'd realised that Sydney has a Kinokuniya too! So I got on the phone quick smart and ordered the LeSportSac mook along with June's issue of Biteki. That was on Thursday, this morning, my PA came in and delivered it to my desk! Yay!! I love the free gift that came with the mook, I can definitely see myself using it at music festivals and when I travel. On Thursday, I also bought Stella McCartney x LeSportSac bag (from the Fall/Winter collection) as it was on sale at I'll be using that when I go to UK/Europe this November. Extra happy!! Thanks for the heads up!

M xx

Haru said...

Hey Meta,

You're more than welcome! Glad to hear that you managed to get the mook :-) It's such a great buy, they should have produced it in much greater quantities. It's not even available on Amazon Japan anymore.

AhCapp said...

Oh wow, didn't realise that the freebie created such a stir in the beauty world all the way to Australia =)

Just want to say that the pouch is ultra cute. Maybe it's the Beauty Girl print ;)

I wonder if they will reproduce more copies of the mag + the pouch.

makeupmag said...

Thanks Iris and thanks Ah Capp!
:)I checked out LSS JP and was glad to see the print there. I actually like the Medium Tribeca - I carry so many things. However, I realise that it is a bit big to show off the print.