Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chanel & Guerlain Fall '09

Here are some sneak peeks of Chanel's Venetia-themed fall collection from Voce magazine's website.

Murano (not sure about spelling) quad

Eye Gloss

Rouge Allure (6 new shades)

On 3 July, Chanel will also release quad #17 Bromeus as an Asia-exclusive.

I'm more excited about the fall collection from Guerlain! Love the floral motif on the eyeshadow quad. From left: Eye & Lip Palette "Belgian (? )Princess" , Liquid Cheek "Russia Doll", Radiant Shadow Color Palette

Kiss Kiss Baby Color collection! The Guerlain collection is out on 1 August.


. : * justine * : . said...

Glad to see you back! I am intrigued by the eye gloss Chanel quad... is it just creme shadows?

And the Guerlain eyeshadow quad looks gorgeous, definitely going to pick that up!

Haru said...


There was no description on the Voce website, only the name "Eye Gloss" but I find it hard to imagine the red shade being used on the eyes!

. : * justine * : . said...

Yeah, I can't imagine putting a red shade on my eyes either... unless it's meant to be a really sheer ... no, I still have no idea what I'd use it for ^^;

I almost wonder if we'll see the Asia-exclusive Chanel quad in Canada as the quads look the same (vs the square-shaped US ones) and we have Beiges Velours here which I didn't see in the US...

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

Welcome back! ^_^

Oh wow, the guerlain palette is super gorgeous! Will this be the time I am going to get 1 for myself? ;)