Thursday, 18 June 2009

Guerlain haul

Tipped off by AhCapp that Guerlain was having a sale on their Parure Pearly White Compact Foundation, I stopped by the counter in Tangs Orchard this evening. At only S$35, instead of the usual S$87, it was just too good a deal to pass up as even drugstore brand foundations like L'Oreal and Majolica Majorca retail for around S$30 in Singapore. Just last week, the Tangs counter was doing a buy-one-get-one-free offer on this foundation. I wonder why Guerlain is so keen to clear stocks of this foundation, given that it was just introduced a couple of months ago?!

I purchased it in Ocre Pure White #41.

I was also impressed by the texture of the Parure Pearly White Brightening Fluid Foundation SPF15 PA+ (S$87) and got it in #01 Beige Pale, which is the palest shade that is exclusive to Asia, according to A Beautyful Sentiment. Both the powder and fluid foundations contain Pearl Lily Complex to help protect the skin against pigmentation disorders caused by environmental and internal stresses, leaving skin bright, smooth and radiant. The fluid foundation also contains natural nacre powder taken from oyster shells. According to the product leaflet, its iridescent composition helps to conceal imperfections such as redness, enlarged pores and dark spots while making your skin appear to be "suffused with a halo of pure white light".

Since there was a 6-piece GWP for purchase of S$160 and above, I picked up the Kiss Kiss Laque #743 Rosewood Chic (S$44) as well. The 6 piece GWP includes a Perfect White sheet mask, Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Complete Care Cream 3ml, Exceptional Complete Care Serum 3ml, Super Aqua Mask 30ml, Secret de Purete Eye & Lip makeup remover 15ml and Success Future Regenerating Toner 15ml.

On top of that, I also received a purple metallic mesh sling purse and a large beach towel. HSBC cardholders also receive an extra 3-piece Orchidee Imperial skincare kit so I got another Complete Care Fluid 3ml, Complete Care Toner 7ml and Complete Care Eye & Lip Cream 2ml. The kind SA also threw in two Insolence perfume samples at my request.

Tangs was also having a special promotion whereby they were giving S$10 vouchers for every S$100 beauty purchase, so I receive one voucher which can be used on all beauty brands except those under Estee Lauder. I also received an Esprit umbrella and bottle of water with the Singtel logo as Tangs was doing a close door event for Singtel customers.

And the light blue handheld fan was given to me by a very kind Tangs staff when I almost fainted while queuing at the customer service counter. So embarrassing, right?! I get these fainting spells occasionally, usually without any warning, but I usually recover quickly after sitting down or lying down for a few minutes. The SA fetched me a chair immediately and gave me the fan, which she then refused to take back when I tried to return it to her after recovering. I must say that was one of the best examples of great customer service I've ever had!


visee said...

Is the Guerlain compact worth buying? I got an sms from tangs on this promotion but was also wondering why they would slash the price of this.

shopaholic said...

hi, hope you are OK. i also experienced fainting spell... it is due to long standing, try to shake your legs a little next time so that your blood may circulate.

great haul!

Haru said...

I'm fine, thanks! Yeah, I think it might have been due to the fact that I was standing in queue for quite awhile, and it was a bit stuffy. Thanks for the tip!

Hey visee,
I'll need to try out the Guerlain compact before I can say if it's a worthwhile buy or not. Will post my review after I've done so!

Anonymous said...

hi haru,

do check your fainting spells. its called vertigo.. may not be caused by standing too long.. go see an ENT.

i had it before.. and its scary.. coz u never know when it hints you.

take care.
a concerned blog fan,

Usagi Chan said...

The Guerlain powder foundation looks so luxurious! Hope you're better, take care.
Hugs :)

kenji_sugizo said...

Well take care of yourself...lotsa our staff at your Favourite Jap Bookstore follows ur Blog......

Regards from Blogger of :

Jamilla Camel said...

OMG OMG When I saw your post title, I was attracted to it like a moth to a flame! The words "Guerlain" + "Haul" had me quivering with excitement!

Thanks for the pics!

Hope you are OK!

kuri said...

awesome deal! I've been tempted to buy that foundation as it makes me look very glowy. Too bad Tokyo is unlikely to have similar deals.

Hope you are feeling better!

aichaku-愛着 said...

what a great haul with so many freebies and wonderful service fr tangs SAs! good to hear you're fine.

Anonymous said...

Is the sales for Guerlain still on at Tangs? Until when?

Claire said...

Awesome haul! Now I can't wait to get my hands on Guerlian's foundations. (:

Hope you are feeling better now. Do take care! Fainting spells could be a sign to something more serious, please do see a doc soon. (:


Haru said...


I'm not sure about when the offer on the Parure Pearly White Compact Foundation is on until but if I recall correctly from the message I received, it's for about one to two weeks starting around 16 June 09. So if you want to get it, I would not wait later than this weekend.

Thanks everyone for your concern, I really am fine and I do get regular medical checkups.

Anonymous said...

I hate to intrude, but vertigo is a balance disorder so you cannot really conclude that just yet after becoming dizzy a few times or having fainting spells. It's like saying a person probably has a contagious disease when it's merely just an eczema patch (a bad rash). Heh. Sorry, I just don't like it when ppl draw conclusions when it comes to medical conditions. If you're not feeling well, Iris, please look into. You'll know if it's something serious when you see the doctor. As for me, I have extremely low blood pressure, so having dizzy spells is common for people like me. It's kind of like swooning for real when you're excited, so old-fashioned! lol

Anyway, I love your Guerlain haul!! I am practically drooling. I wanted to try their Parure foundation, but I believe the cover is too sheer for me. I have too many imperfections to hide. I still want it anyway, being the makeup addict that I am.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

is the offer still available ? I'm must the foundation ! such a steal, how can I let it go !

Anonymous said...

hey haru, please do a review of the pearly white liquid foundation! =D

Haru said...

Hi Syn@3sTh3sI@,

The offer is still on for several more days. I tried it out today and like it a lot. The color match is perfect for me, and I liked the brightening effect and smooth finish. In terms of oil control, I still need to blot every couple of hours or so but that is normal for me.

Hi innerchild,
I also have very low blood pressure which probably accounts for the occasional faints. Because I usually recover almost immediately if I just sit down or lay down, I don't think it's really a serious problem. Thanks for sharing!

Hi helena,
I'd definitely post a review after I've tested the foundations out! :-)

Postpet2 said...

Hey Iris, I was informed of the sale too and went to Tangs today to get this item. at the same time, asked the SA why are they having this promo...
Her answer was "It is a new item but not as popular as expected. So we are having a promo to let more people try it"

I am going to try the powder tomorrow! If i like it, may get a back up....its a good price for a counter item.

Tracy said...

I gotten the compact yesterday too... Me too wonder why it is going at this price. Do review on the foundation. thanks