Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Voce x Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls

The August issue of Voce is out now at Kinokuniya together with Biteki and Maquia. It comes with 2 Shu Cleansing Oil samples and 2 sachets of Shiseido Melanofocus EX whitening essence. The mag costs S$14 but you can get 20% off this week if you're a Kino cardholder.

Check out how huge the Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls bento cloth is!

I was expecting it to be made out of some flimsy thin cotton but instead it turned out to be a polyester textured cloth that is very Japanese and feels high quality (although it is made in China). It's really a steal for the cover price of the mag and a very affordable way of owning a piece of the Tokyo Kamon Girls collection if you can't afford the cleansing oils. Don't wait too long to get this as I'm sure it will sell out very soon!


Jamilla Camel said...

I'm still waiting for my latest VoCE from Japan Centre in London!

Lemmings are on the rise!!

Jasmine said...

omg, you're from singapore? i'm from singapore too! and i'm really into japanese things like their make-up and fashion and stuff like that :DD

Yumeko said...

ahh i want it! i have been stuck in bed for a few days now as i am down with cold T-T
hope i manage to get it

Andie said...

Gosh your blog is such a good find! My obsession for make up is only increasing, especially with Japanese products. Thank you for blogging! I'll be following for sure!

makeupmag said...

Thank you, Iris! ;) :D I look forward to seeing this in person.

Jamilla Camel said...

I just got my VoCE yesterday! If you don't mind, I will refer to your post with it's superior photos!

Thanks for the heads up and sharing great pics!

Haru said...

Hey Jamilla,

Sure, no problem :-) My pleasure!