Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sonia Rykiel Lagoon Collection

The Sonia Rykiel Lagoon collection is out now at BHG department store in Bugis Junction. (I believe this is the only SR counter in Singapore.) While the collection looks very attractive in person, the price points are frightfully high with the Sparkling Face Powders retailing at S$85, the eyeshadow quad is S$79 and the lipglosses are S$49 (if I recall correctly).

The Sparkling Face Powders are quite silky, finely milled and apply as a shimmery highlighting shade without adding much color. I couldn't really see any difference between the blue/green powder and the beige/brown powder when applied. The SA said that these can also be used as eyeshadows. The shades in the eyeshadow quad felt smooth and were pigmented, requiring only one swatch to show up on the back of my hand. The quad is reportedly sold out in Japan but while it's nice, I didn't think it was particularly outstanding. The lipglosses were pretty but just too expensive for me.

You can read detailed reviews and see swatches of the eyeshadow quad on and Autumn Masquerade.


Lina said...

Oh those look gorgeous!!! :)I saw the video of Fuzkittie using one of their palettes, and it makes me want to get one!!!!

Anonymous said...

The SR Summer Lagoon Quad has 4 shades that go perfectly well together (also the colors are suitable for the summer season). And the colors are more or less, neutral-to-cool toned, not very warm, which brightens Asian complexions. I think this is why it became such a big hit Japan. Also, the packaging looks awesome, it reminds me of my Sony Hi-MD minidisc mp3 player (minidiscs grew out of fashion, but I don't mind, I'm old school :P Had for 4 years already). Anyway, it looks techy and unique. I was sad to hear that it's completely sold out Japan, I can't even get a custom order if I wanted to. So you guys in Singapore are lucky. I guess I can find matching shades elsewhere with more pigmentation ^^

Haru said...

Hey innerchild,

I thought the packaging of the SR eyeshadow quad felt a bit lightweight and cheap, to be honest. I liked the cheerful blue color but the compact itself does not feel as luxurious as, say, a Lunasol quad and for the price, I was expecting a bit more. The shades are lovely but definitely dupeable. Lunasol's Sheer Contrast Eyes in #3 Blue Coral immediately came to my mind when I saw the SR quad, except that the blue shade in the SR quad is a brighter shade of medium blue whereas the Lunasol is more of a pastel blue.

Anonymous said...

SR is way too expensive in Singapore. Never bought anything from them.