Monday, 22 June 2009

Lavshuca Fall '09

While waiting for the photo of the new Lavshuca collection to load, I was chanting silently in my head, "Come on, Lavshuca, surprise me!" After the bland beige and pastel lovefests of the past few collections, I was not expecting anything interesting from Lavshuca. But look, new quads! While the two quads in the photo don't really appeal to me personally, at least they do not look like a rehash of previous products. The floral motif is also quite cute! The collection also includes the new Full Balloon Rouge, which is a liquid lipstick made with "clear concealing pearl" and "glossy pump oil". It comes in an one-click pen packaging so you can apply it easily with just one hand.

1. Light Mix Eyes: 5 palettes
2. Grade Color Eyes: new shade
3. Dual Prism Eyes: 2 new shades
4. Full Balloon Rouge: 15 shades
5. Rouge Star Classics: 2 new shades
6. Power Memory Eyebrow: 2 shades
7. Power Memory Eyeliner: 1 shade
8. Pore Concealer Base

The collection is due out on 1 August in Japan.


Ti_Amo said...

Thanks for this post! Those palettes and liquid lipstick look intruiging.

AhCapp said...

Oh wow, the new palettes are so cute! ^_^ Looking forward to seeing the real thing out!

Kathi said...

Looks good! I am sure there´ll be at least 1 palette and some of the lippies that will appeal to me =D

kuri said...

Those palettes are cute. I hope the other 2 color combinations are interesting.

Whitepiano555 said...

wow can't wait anymore, thanks alot