Saturday, 6 June 2009

Etude House

If you haven't checked out the new Etude House store in town, I highly recommend doing it this weekend. The store was moderately crowded this morning but it was still a pleasure to browse in. It's almost like shopping in a candy store with the pink decor!

The wide array of products on display is a bit too much to take in all at once. The good news is that the prices are quite moderate and compares well with other Korean brands like The Face Shop and Skin Food. Of course, it's not as cheap as Korea but for the convenience of being able to sample the products in person, I certainly don't mind paying a bit more. The prices are a bit higher than Malaysia but not by much more (certainly not enough to warrant going to Malaysia just to shop at Etude House). For example, the eyeshadow brush that costs RM19.90 (S$8.30) in Malaysia costs S$9.90 in Singapore.
The single sheet masks are about S$3.90 each, eyeshadow quads are S$24.90 and blushes are S$15+ to about S$25. The skincare is very affordable, mostly ranging from around S$20 to just under S$40.

Not all of the products come with English labels so you should ask about how to apply the products while you're still in the store.

A very friendly staff member was handing out small pink baskets with a free pen (topped with a big fluffy ball) inside that is your gift with any purchase. There are also various GWPs for purchases of S$10, S$20 and $30. I got a ton of samples for spending about S$130. Some of the staff seem to be Korean as I overheard the cashier speaking Korean with a customer. Will post my haul later!


Kathi said...

An Etude House haul! I am so waiting for your pics! =D

I just ordered some sunscreens (for our Egypt trip and when we go swimming here...and the pretty shimmery one when i am lazy doing makeup/wearing BB Cream but still want sun protection with a little twist), the new waterproof eyeshadow primer and that apple slimming gel from Gmarket a few days ago (along with tons of cute stationery)!

Otherwise the new summer collection is a bit disappointing me (no eyeshadow palettes or cute blushes!) =D

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

It was fun to finally be able to see all the products in person after having read so much about them online. They had the two smokey eyeshadow quads from last fall which you reviewed but I didn't find the colors to be that unique (I have way too many similar dupes!) so ended up skipping them. I was disappointed that the store didn't have the shampoo and conditioner line.

I find the Etude House website in Korean too difficult to navigate but yeah, it looks like they don't have a very interesting summer collection.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where is it in town exactly? Thanks !! :D:D

Haru said...

It's in basement 1 of Plaza Singapura.

eliza said...

woohoo! i was looking forward to having etude house here but i didn't expect it to be so fast. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks alot haru :)
I didn't see it until I scrolled down your blog further and realised it as well :)

Anonymous said...

I was told the prices in Taipei is also cheaper than Singapore.