Saturday, 6 June 2009

Etude House Haul

I wasn't intending to buy anything in particular at Etude House but couldn't resist picking up some of their more unusual products to try out. I've read many reviews of their products by my buddies, Fleckenschnitte (at Lotus Palace) and the Muse (at MusingsofaMuse) and most have been positive.

Precious Mineral Makeup Essence (S$42.90). The Muse thought that this primer was just average and nothing to get excited about but those cute little balls made it look irresistible anyhow. Fleckenschnitte liked it better though. You can read her review here. This apparently retails for only 16000won (about US$11-12) in Korea so the price in Singapore is exorbitant in comparison. But again, nothing beats the convenience of seeing and buying a product instore, especially since I can't be bothered to navigate Gmarket and have no particular desire to vacation in Korea.

BB Magic Fresh Cool Mousse SPF30 PA++ (S$31.90)

Orgel Light Blusher #4 (S$37.90). This was also available in #1 (pink) and #2 (very pale pastels). The case and product design is a total knock-off of Lavshuca's first generation striped blushers (which have since been discontinued).

Lovely Cookie Blushes #3 Orange Cookie (S$15.90)

Got these freebies with my purchase: 3 packs of Green Tea Cleansing Tissue, 2 boxes of cotton pads, two Aqua Sherbet Skin Care Special Kits, 2 bundles of 3 sheet masks from the Moistfull and O2 White range, 5 AC Clinic skincare samples.

Love the cute shopping bag as well :-)

And my brand spankin' new membership card that comes with a 7% discount on future purchases! You only need to purchase S$50 to get the card.


Anonymous said...

you finally have Etude House! yay! i am so trying the BB cream soon!

aichaku-愛着 said...

oh looks like some of their stuff is highly jacked up! :( i was looking at their nail polishes and shower stuff, & those seemed not too much more expensive. i loved their pink decor too. :D

Haru said...

Hi Jojoba,

I haven't had good experiences with BB creams to date so I skipped these entirely but was intrigued by the mousse formula. I'm hoping it will be lightweight enough for our hot and humid weather.

Hey Aichaku,
Yeah, the prices look like they are double the price in Korea but still very affordable compared to department store brands so I'm sure it will still do very well in Singapore. I was member #170, which I guess means the store has been doing pretty good business.

CherryColors said...

OOOOh what a lovely haul! All those asian product got my eye! So pretty! I hope they work for you!

plue said...

oh gosh! Lovely haul!

I haven't seen those cleansing wipe in EH here yet, maybe my eyes didn't spot them. I tried their Mineral BB, not too bad, but a lil too fair for me and I didn't quite like the price. >_<

And your membership passport is so pretty! Unlike ours, which is quite um... normal. :P

♥sormui♥ said...

I luv ur etude house haul! everything is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Please review the BB mousse after you have tried it! I have my eye on that too. :)

I'm so happy we finally get Etude House here, I love it!


Tracy said...

Do review on the BB cream! The balls of the essence is really cute... :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Great haul! I wish I had an Etude House near me!!

Anonymous said...

waiting for BB cream review :D
Etude packaging is soo irresistible >__<

anyway, do they still carry the peach collection?
really interested getting it >_<
thanks :D

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday but did not pick up anything. However, I tried one of the hand cream that contains shea butter (SGD 18.90) & the texture is pretty rich. Since it's just open, I thought maybe if I wait a while longer, there will be a sales in the shop.

Haru said...


I saw some Peach collection items such as the Peach Beam blushes, Cheek Blushes, Pore Erasing Paste and Peach Skin Pact but didn't see the cheek tints.

Chien said...

Hi, been reading your blog for a while now and thanks for all these fab info esp. on Japanese magazine feeebies :)

Great that you managed to score quite a bit of freebies from Etude House as my experience with Skinfood & The Face Shop in Singapore is that they are real tight-a****! The ones in Korea load you with freebies which I believe is the way to go as that would make us addicts buy more ... LOL!!!

Thanks again for the great post!