Saturday, 13 June 2009

Sweet x Kitson

The July issue of Sweet magazine (S$17.20), which comes with a pink Kitson toiletries case is out now at Kinokuniya. It features popular model Rinka on the cover and is chock full of the latest summer fashion, including kimonos by Anna Sui.

The August issue, due out on 10 July, will come with a Gelato Pique pouch and scrunchie.


paperdollrevenge said...

She's really pretty! Seems like scrunchies are a popular J magazine freebie this summer.

Anonymous said...

I agreed, is the Gelato's pouch same print as the Mina's in your previous post?

I heard InRed's August issue is giving Jill Stuart lunch tote, I wonder about the print... :)


Haru said...

Dear Aya,
There was no pic of the Gelato pouch in the preview page of Sweet magazine's July issue, but the Sweet magazine website will usually have a sneak peek closer to the date of release.

Haru said...

kenji_sugizo said "

August 2009 Magazines Preview of the supplements"