Thursday, 4 June 2009


It took me a year but I did it! I finally finished MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliater which was released last summer. I have been alternating this with Lush's Angels on Bare Skin, using each about once a week. It's incredibly rare for me to actually finish a product (aside from The Body Shop shower gels which I go through at the rate of about one a month) so I felt a great sense of achievement rinsing out this tub ;-p Now I just need to use up the other two tubs that I stockpiled as this was limited edition.


AhCapp said...

Just 2 days ago, I was looking at my pot of the same facial scrub and found that I am hitting bottom soon. LOL =D

I am surprised that I have been so 'hardworking' with my pot actually. I bought this scrub after reading your comments about it. Anyway, I have backup too, but only 1 pot =)

I wonder if MAC will re-release this scrub as this is quite a good scrub. I love it!

Haru said...

Hey AhCapp!

I should have finished this much earlier but got lazy and also 'distracted' by my Lush products. I think my two tubs will probably last me at least another year. This was a big hit so I'm surprised MAC has not brought it back yet, hopefully they will do so in the future! If not, guess I'll just have to go back to their Microfine Refinisher.

Yumeko said...

i loooved lush's angels on bare skin! i am using my 3rd tub now

its too sad this isnt found

Cosine said...

I bought 5 tubs and I've already finished 3!!! I guess I'm an exfoliating freak... LOL

Anonymous said...

We can bring 6 empty bottles/cases back to MAC, in exchange of a new lipstick in hk. Is it the same in your place?

Haru said...

Hi Karin,

Yup, we can bring 6 MAC empties back to the counter for a free lipstick in Singapore too :-)

Hey Cosine,

this exfoliater is really good! I would have stocked up more but I wasn't confident that I would be diligent in using all of it up before it went bad.

Hey Yumeko,
I love the scent and texture of Angels! Definitely repurchasing it once I run out as well :-)

izumi said...

finished something!! i want to, too.. hahahaa.

Anonymous said...

isn't that the most wonderful feeling? seeing the product worked so well and finished??? :)

congrats! you deserve a drink!

Ann said...

Out of curiousity.. You use this on the face? I kept thinking this was suppose to be used on the body.. LOL! My bad!

Haru said...

Hi Ann,

Yup, the Volcanic Ash Exfoliater can be used on both the face and body!

saintangelius said...

Scraping the bottom of a tub has such a nice feeling for me. Means I have a valid excuse to go shopping for more goodies again ^__^ I'm systematically going thru all the SkinFood's wash-off face masks. I think i'm close to half now ^^;;