Tuesday, 14 July 2009

ASOS.com Sale

Asos.com has slashed the sale price on some of its beauty products even further to up to 80% off.

Some of the current steals:
Paul & Joe lipstick in Backstage £4.25 (U.P. £13.75). I remember this being very sheer and basically just giving your lips a glossy finish.

Paul & Joe Palette in Starlet/Ingenue £10.00 (U.P. £27.50)

POP Eye Trio Lid, Line & Light £4.75 (U.P. £12.00)

Becca Glossy Lip Tint Caipirinha/Flirtini £6.00 (U.P. £17.75)


mrsdumpling422 said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog. Thanks for the info on the ASOS sale! I picked up my first Paul & Joe!!! Can't wait!

carpe diem said...

I got myself quite a few things from Asos yesterday. Mainly Too Faced, The Balm and Rimmel London. Some were like 3.5 GBP and I snatched a 1GPB concealer. I'm actually not supposed to be spending money but I just couldn't resist.

Pinky said...

Hey Haru!

Oh yes, i joined the asos spree and got the The Faced duo eye shadow at 6 Pound (sephora singapore is selling like 32+ bucks?! oh no!). i also bought the same cherry blusher from Pop like you too....thanks to your blog post earlier!

may i ask Haru, what blush do you use to apply your Guerlain meteorite blusher balls? i have the 02 pink fresh blusher balls and has no idea what type of blush is best suitable for this..because i thought compact type of flat blush is too frigid as the balls move around in the round tub. do you get the blush from Guerlain or from MAC? thanks so much!!

graclyn said...

Hello haru!

Btw can I ship this to Vpostusa? How did u shipped urs?

Haru said...

Hey Graclyn,

My mom is currently in the UK, so I just shipped everything to her and she's bringing them back for me. Asos.com ships directly to Singapore, and I understand their international shipping fees are quite reasonable so no point shipping through VPost (and I think you mean Vpost UK rather than USA ). You should play around with the number of items in your cart to see how to minimise the shipping fee. There's a thread on Cozycot on Asos, which you can check out for more tips.

Hi Pinky,
For the Guerlain balls, I just either a flat face brush or a bushy one from Bobbi Brown. I'll take some pics and post them later. The balls are quite hard, so there should be no problem using any type of brush!

Mz. W said...

The ASOS sale is awesome! I got the P&J eyeshadow palette in Starlight..hehe!

sarah said...

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