Saturday, 25 July 2009

Voce Fall Collections Booklet

I also picked up the new issue of Voce magazine (S$14) for the fall collections catalog, which comes in a larger size than previous years. Here are some brands that are featured in it.

Esprique Precious, which is debuting in Singapore in late August! Esprique Precious/Kose is one of the sponsors of the Cozycot Holy Grail party which is happening at the Singapore Expo Hall 6A on 26-27 September so don't miss it if you're interested in the brand! Just click here to register for the party. I'm not sure what will be available at the party but usually there will be some good deals. Unfortunately, I'll be in Delhi at that time and will have to give it a miss.


Magie Decorte


Eprise by Albion




Giorgio Armani


This Face & Blush Duo Palette looks interesting!


fuwafuwa said...

holy s*** finally esprique precious will be in Singapore! ive been waiting for yonks for japanese drugstore lines to make it here. But seeing how even Shiseido Maquillage is so marked up, i believe Esprique will be sold at that price too. I also hope to see Shiseido Integrate cos they make great lipsticks that are so inexpensive. thanks for notifying, your blog is a daily read for me!

Catherine said...

Wow, that Espirique lipgloss tube looks lovely!

Whitepiano555 said...

OH it allllll very pretty.
If I live in Japan, i'm gonna go bankrupt for sure. haha

Jamilla Camel said...

I have this issue and I love it! VoCE is great at covering all the makeup and skincare collections, including their Whitening Annual.

Thanks for posting the saved me the trouble!!

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

I got my Voce today. Wow, they are all gone today when I dropped by. Thank goodness I reserved my copy after getting your tip-off ;P

The problem with the booklet this time is.. it's HUGE! Will have difficulty keeping it... hahahahah