Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Paul & Joe Warehouse Sale

The Prestige warehouse sale with makeup from Paul & Joe and Givenchy plus loads of perfume brands such as Banana Republic, Versace is taking place from tomorrow Wednesday 29 July to Friday 31 July from 10.30pm to 6.30pm at 6 Jalan Kilang, Dadiani Industrial House (near Bukit Merah). My advice is to go early on the first day as the best bargains usually get snapped up very quickly. Paul & Joe revamps its product lineup, especially foundations, primers, mascaras etc quite frequently so these warehouse sales are where you can pick up recently discontinued plus current products at a good discount. They usually also have leftover stocks of recent limited edition collections.

I'll be giving it a miss as I'm saving up my pennies for the P&J fall collection. You can read my account of the last Prestige warehouse sale back in November 2008 here!


Beauty Basics said...

WOW..P&J warehouse sale!! That's great! I wish that P&J has a warehouse sale in Toronto!

Haru said...


According to the ladies who went to the sale, this was quite a disappointing sale as there was only a very limited range of P&J products available. I'm glad I didn't waste time queueing up for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i went yesterday. I think those who went at abt 10am or earlier might have got good deal as i saw pp getting PnJ ES pallet n Givenchy set which i was hopping to get.. When it was my turn its OOS..I went abt 10plus and there was already a long que. i Think i will go really really early next year..LOL.. But i did managed to get some cosmatics ;)