Friday, 3 July 2009

The Body Shop Hot Brights

I've been mulling over the Body Shop Hot Brights collection for the past week and finally decided to take the plunge today when I saw that there was a promotion whereby you receive a $10 voucher if you spend $40. (This voucher promo is on from now until 15 July.) The best part was I could enjoy this promo together with my Star Loyalty member discount of 15%.

So I got the two Hot Brights Blush (S$32.90 each) at 15% off and used the $10 voucher on the Lip Shine & Cheek Stain #2 Bronze (S$24.90). It was the shimmery nude lipgloss in the latter that sold me on it. This would be perfect on top of any lipstick, like MAC Oyster Girl (which is the only MAC Lipglass I ever used up entirely).

I didn't think the blushes were that outstanding when I first saw them online but when I got to play with them at the store, I was impressed by their silky smooth texture with a lovely pearl shimmer. The pink shade is your typical baby pink blush. What I liked was that you can play around with the mixture of the two shades to vary how pink it shows up on your skin. The bronzey shade also looks very natural and melds into the skin giving it a healthy glow, without any fake orangey tones.

Total damage was S$70.83. As my purchase was over S$60, I also received the GWP worth S$41.60 comprising a gold pouch, Mango Shower Gel 250ml (smells very sweet and luscious!), Vitamin E Lip Care and a shower lily.

Do check out all the promotions going on at Body Shop here!


izumi said...

oooo! all of that sounds delightful ;) i love nude lipglosses and smooth textures~ and that GWP mango sounds delish! how does it smell?

Haru said...

Hi izumi,

the mango smells, well, like mango, very sweet and fruity without being too cloying and artificial. I really like it! :-)

vivavoomz said...

Is the "$10 voucher if you spend $40" promotion still on?

I'm lemming for the pink blush but couldn't bring myself to buy it.

Haru said...

Hi vivavoomz,

Yup, the get $10 voucher with $40 purchase is on now until 15 July, so don't wait too long!

Vonvon said...

I can't believe that The Body Shop Singapore can have so good offers plus GWPs??? TBS Malaysia....don't even dream of any GWPs, and their sale here is quite mediocre - some items have loads of discount but for example, this new Hot Brights collection that you got with some discounts, here we have to pay full price!

Haru said...

Hi Vonvon,

That's such shame! The Body Shop in Singapore always has promotional sets and the selection rotates every couple of weeks so it's very hard to resist as they always have some good deal or other going on. If you are a member, you can get 10% discount at any time on all regular priced products including new makeup collections. I'm a Star Loyalty member as I spent so much last year, so I get 15% with my card.

Anonymous said...

I was at The Body Shop yesterday but was not informed of the promo by the SA. She only told me if I made a purchase of SGD50, I can become a member for free.