Saturday, 18 July 2009

Pop Beauty Haul

My mom just arrived back from the UK and she brought my haul! I got the Pop Beauty Double Duty Kabuki Brush (£12) and Lush Blush #2 Cherry Blossom (£6).

The kabuki bristles feel quite soft and dense. The brush head is about the same size as the Body Shop's foundation kabuki brush but the Body Shop version actually feels softer and more silky as the bristles are made of artificial fibres.

I was surprised to find that the Pop Beauty logo on the brush is actually a cheapo sticker label stuck around the handle! The brush is a Pop Beauty exclusive for Asos. Honestly, for £12, I had expected better. With the sticker, it looks like they just ordered it from a third party manufacturer and slapped the label on it.

I had been eyeing the Lush Blush for quite some time and once it went on 50% sale, I decided to snap it up. Actually I had thought that this was a loose blush powder. But turns out it's a pressed blush powder that comes in a pot. The bottom of the pot is a removable sponge ball applicator. The instructions on the box are to "stamp a little pigment onto apples of cheeks, blending slightly upwards until completely seamless on skin".

I was quite happy with the shade, which is a sweet rosy pink. Not crazily intense but not too sheer as well.

Ingredient list.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!!! I also want!!!!!

Catherine said...

Oh the blush is so cute!

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