Thursday, 9 July 2009

Jill Stuart Fall '09

Jill Stuart will release its fall collection on 1 August in Taiwan and 7 August in Japan.

While the ad visual is gorgeous, nothing much interests me from this collection except for the blue/grey palette which is an unusual color combination for Jill Stuart. There is the usual pink and beige combo which Jill Stuart does very well (but seriously how many pinks and beiges does one need?!). The Mix Compact Blushes look too similar to other existing shades in the line-up. Based on my experience of owning 5 MCBs, the differences in the colors is actually quite subtle once applied. It would have been more interesting if Jill Stuart experimented with different textures such as more shimmery blushes along the lines of Nars for example. The lipglosses also look run-of-the-mill and plain boring to me. The good news is that all the items appear to be permanent so there's no need to rush to get these just for fear of them selling out.

1. Illuminance Eyes #8 Dazzling Moon

2. Seductive Eyes # Mysterious Moon

3. Mix Compact Blush #9 Little Bouquet and #10 Sweet Biscuit

4. Lip Lustre #25 Gleaming Dew and #26 Cute Petal

5. Jelly Lipgloss #16 Heavenly Star

6. Nail Lacquer #36 Luminous Dream, #37 Star Brilliance and #38 Planet Glaze

7. Nail Care Essence Oil


カロリイン said...

I would love to own Dazzling Moon. It's really something different from JS's usual collection. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haru, do you happen to know if that nail oil is for cuticles or...?

Haru said...

It is meant to be applied on the nails and cuticles. It's basically to help repair and moisturise nails that have been dried out and are brittle. Also has a crystal floral scent as is typical of JS products.

Ti_Amo said...

Sweet! August 1 and perm? I'll still be here, come to mama!!

Anonymous said...

I luv the whole look on her...By the way, what's the diff between all Jill compact eyeshadows, Illuminance, Seductive, etc? Pls somebody tell me, thankss

Shop N' Chomp said...

Cool, thx :)

Haru said...

The various lines of Jill Stuart palettes differ in terms of textures mainly, like how shimmery/sparkly they are and whether it's a powder or dry-ish cream texture. Both the Brilliance Eyes and Illuminance Eyes contain all powder eyeshadows while the Seductive Eyes have 1 cream shadow and 3 powder eyeshadows. In terms of how intensely shimmery the shades are, Brilliance Eyes are top, followed by Illuminance and then Seductive. However, Brilliance Eyes also tends to have the worst fallout problem.

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

Here is swatches of Jill S Fall collection.