Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lancome Declaring Indigo

At the Lancome Declaring Indigo preview party, I got these close-up shots of the two eyeshadow palettes and swatches. For a smokey eye with a graphic edge, Aaron de Meyer suggests starting with the Pure Gold shade as a base all over the eyelid, adding structure with the Bronze and then lining with Metallic Indigo. For a more intense dazzling look, try applying the Metallic Indigo with a damp finger or brush.

Palette Liberte #1 Blue Royale

Sparkling Indigo Paris: with gold sparkles

Metallic Indigo Paris


Pure Gold

For the less adventurous, there is Palette Liberte #2 Or Liberte which repeats the bronze and pure gold shades from Blue Royale. Bit of a waste if you intend to get both palettes.

Piha Gold Black: with gold sparkes

Pure Gold

Light Gold


Comparison swatches.


deb said...

GORGEOUS! i love the blue royale, with the indigo paris colours *swoons* i want it!! thanks for the swatches, very very informative. love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Palette Liberte #2 looksmore like my thing btu sitll too many neutrals. i like that black the most... if only the black was also in the blue palette...