Saturday, 4 July 2009

Ion Orchard

The next hot shopping destination that most Singaporeans are waiting for is Ion Orchard which will finally throw its doors open on 21 July. The scaffolding has finally come down and most stores are in the midst of completing their renovations.

Ion will boast several high end stores such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier in glamorous street front duplexes. It will also have the new Topshop flagship store, a Sephora and some clothing brands that are being introduced in Singapore for the first time, such as New Look from the UK.

The first to open is Louis Vuitton, which has commissioned a number of products exclusively for the opening of this store.

It is all too common a sight to see people queueing up to go into the LV stores in Singapore dressed casually in bermudas and sneakers, like how one sees women carrying LV bags in tank tops, shorts and flip flops.

I don't usually post food photos but just thought I'd share these pics of the excellent Thai food I had for lunch today :-) To start things off, a basket of keropok, which are a kind of fried crackers usually made from prawns and seafood.

The spicy mango salad had me sniffling and set my tongue on fire but it was well than worth it :-) The Thai milk tea was a tad sweet but still delish.

My favourite Thai dish, phad thai!

And to polish it all of, jelly chendol with red bean. This was super yummy thanks to the generous helping of coconut syrup.


JacQlin said...

hihi where is this thai place? looks good.. Love spicy stuff but I'm allergic to seafood ( except fish)

Haru said...

Hey JacQlin,
The restaurant is Siam Kitchen on the 2nd floor of Bugis Junction. Their set lunch is only S$11.90, plus $1.90 for dessert. Pretty good deal with plenty of options for each course! And the service was pretty good too.

Joopah said...

Oh maannn... the food has me salivating !! I miss SIngapore.