Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Body Shop Holiday '09

The Body Shop Holiday '09 makeup collection, due out on 13 November in Japan, is high on the glitz factor with lots of silver sparkle. It includes:

1. Define Mascara & Liner (2940yen): in silver and black

2. Shimmer Gloss (1680yen, 8ml): Apricot-scented lipgloss with pearl shimmer

3. Sparkle Roller Ball (1575yen): Loose shimmer powder in a roller ball packaging for the eyes and decollatage

4. Eye & Cheek Palette (3990yen): Two palettes that each include 4 eye colors and 1 blush, with a mirror and dual-ended applicator


kuri said...

the palettes look nice! but a little expensive.

Alina said...

I think its abit un-inspiring really :( Theres nothing thats not been done before or nothing different or unusual!

I loved their fall collection, so i feel abit let down!

Munchie said...

Hi Haru!

Just wanted to add that I saw these at West Field shopping centre in the UK. The palettes are very beautiful with generous amounts of eyeshadow and blusher and are only £12. So much cheaper than Japan!

Whitepiano555 said...

the packaging is so adorable. Are they gonna release in USA?? or just in Japan?

Haru said...

Hi PinkyKathy,
This collection will be released in the US as well. My buddy, the Muse, has already reported it over at her blog MusingsofaMuse.com.

Hi Munchie,

All Western beauty brands are much more expensive in Japan compared with other countries. The strong yen doesn't help! At least in Singapore, I can get a 15% discount with my member's card.

Maria Maegan said...

our TBS pricing in singapore is more or less the same pricing as in the US. however in HK or TW, it's much more expensive. especially hk and japan.