Friday, 11 September 2009

Fall Collections

Spotted at Tangs today: the fall collections from Guerlain, Ipsa, Yves Saint Laurent and the Chanel Noirs Obscurs collection. The Chanel collection, which was just launched today, looked tempting at first and perfect for those into Gothic vampy looks. I was briefly tempted by the dark lipsticks but the texture felt a bit dry when I swatched them. These were quite pricey too at S$44 each so I passed on them.


Anonymous said...

hi there, i've been dying to get the anna sui vanity box. so you know where i can get them? i know they're sold out.. but is there any hope?


Haru said...

Hi Lela,
Which vanity box are you talking about? I haven't really been keeping track of Anna Sui GWPs.

makeupmag said...

That lip colour is amazing. I'll wait for the black MAC lippies though. ;)

Haru said...

Hey mag,
None of the 3 lip colors swatch like how they look on the model, that's why I passed on them! I really wanted that blackened blood red creamy shade too. Maybe you have to mix the lipsticks to get that effect.

rahseewoo said...

Hi Haru~I went to Tang's today to try the lip colors after reading your blog.

They really disappointed me...they didn't look so black when applied on my hand and that made them less "Gothic vampyre" than I thought...Any way, it's good that I can save my money.

I think these lipsticks are more suitable for those who wonders how it feels when looks like a vampyre but being "fashion" still. Not for those who really love and care about gothic and vampyre.

Blackened Bloody Red is GOOD~!

Haru said...

Urban Decay and MAC are also releasing black lipsticks this fall but both are also more glossy sheer black rather than dark creamy black.

You can see swatches of the UD one here. Good luck hunting for the shade you want!