Thursday, 17 September 2009

Paul & Joe Holiday '09

According to this Japanese blog, Paul & Joe will release its holiday collection in two parts in Japan. First out on 6 November are two Eye Color Kits (7140yen) that come in a purple and gold vanity box (10x15x15cm). There will also be a new Lip Lacquer (2940yen) in 12 shades in a squeeze tube packaging.

The kit shown below is #002, which has a smokey grey eyeliner, eyeshadow palette (gold, orange brown, warm brown). #001 has a glitter purple, warm pink and smokey blue palette and a smokey navy eyeliner.

Cosmetic Pouch III (4725yen)

On 4 December, Paul & Joe will release two coffrets that include a highlighting powder, a pearl powder and a pouch in the same purple and gold print.


Carrie Ng said...

hey there. I just found your blog through google and just want to drop a thank you line. I've been searching for eye makeup how-tos from jap mags and this is the most useful one I've encountered. So Thank you very much and keep up the good blog. :)


Jamilla Camel said...

I am drooling already!!

saintangelius said...

I saw these in the SA's P&J 4th quarter guidebook! It's so pretty! I'm going to cajole her into helping me pre-order them ^_____^ I want that box!

Sabrina said...

OMG, thank you for posting this! I hope we get this in the US, that cosmetic pouch in the last picture is sooooo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww... the cosmetic pouch is adorable! <3

Whitepiano555 said...

the blue bag is really cute :))